Vision & Mission

To spread the power of creativity and writing.

We strive to connect with the world, win infinite hearts and help new ventures become successful enterprises – all through our creativity in content writing and technology.

Hi! Hello! Hola!

We are a group of creative minds – both from Mars and Venus. We landed up at Granth due to the same philosophy we believed in – a powerful content creates brand! Together, we strive to reach the horizon where your dreams would touch the reality.

The journey started back in 2016 when a profound thought struck our Captain’s mind. Being a content writer himself, he dreamt of building an ardent squad who aspired penning down their creativity. With an idea of living his dream of writing and foresight of lending his creativity to help brands realize their dreams, Granth came into existence! It was a matter of only a few years and the Captain’s boat turned into the majestic Black Pearl of the ocean!

Just like the stars in the sky, we are operative in all spheres necessary to enhance the online presence of a brand. Ranging from startups to well-established firms, we render our top-notch services to all organizations.

We find our love in –

  • Content

  • Graphics

  • Translation

  • Web Development

  • Branding

We have learnt, grown and progressed each day throughout this adventurous ride since our inception. We did not hold ourselves back from thinking afresh as we saw scope in everything we did. This approach has resulted into the formation of one of a kind team who pours all their imagination and creativity into what they do.

We were privileged enough to have met some prestigious organizations along the way. We were diligent and displayed exceptional degree of commitment while working with them. As we continued working with these amazing companies with the same solemnity in dealings and even more ingenuity while writing and designing, they became a part of our clientele.