4 pillars of Social Media Marketing

Things you must know before starting off your Social Media Marketing Journey

People are spending enormous time on different social media platforms. As the data of 2019 says it is 2 hours and 22 minutes per day. This trend led businesses to sell their products online at fist and now, on social media. It is vital to have a digital identity among all the competitors and strive as a business. 

To eliminate your struggles and start making your digital presence we have listed down 4 pivotal points to keep in mind before starting your digital journey.

1. Research

The research covers all types of research out there. From knowing your target customer’s age group to what and how you want to sell your product with the use of any particular platform. This will help you set your goal and understand the right use of social media. Before starting off, listen to everyone, and analyze. You never know your competitors have your answers or your customer can be your guiding light. After taking every possible input, analyze before jumping to the next point.


With the results of your research, you have all the right darts in your hands. The next step is to choose the right dartboard for each dart. What is choosing the right dart? Ask these questions yourself before making any strategy.

  •     What product do I want to sell?
  •     Which platform is appropriate for my product?
  •     What type of content will help my sales?

The reason behind these questions is, many business owners one or two from given 3, and an absence of one in your strategy and there is no return from it. So, strategize your content platforms & products well. The strategy will help you to not lose focus during execution. Planning a strategy will act as a roadmap for your team and will help them understand the end goals.

3. Audience Engagement

Moving on from strategy to executing, you must be engaging your audience by your content is crucial. They must understand your purpose and feel connected if you want them to take action from your content. Once you have a bunch of people as your community, your role becomes more important to maintain them as your own community. That is called community management.

You are answering them in messages/comments, featuring them on your platform & giving away hampers if possible. Such engagements make them feel a part of your family and they spread word of mouth in the market for your product without spending a penny.

 4. Measurement & Analysis

All the businesses want to increase their sales in one or another way. Hence, more engagement doesn’t mean higher sales. And lesser likes or follows do not mean you are lagging. This part can be different for every business. They have to figure It out on their own on the basis of their statistics. (Do not underestimate your inbuilt data, it says a lot!)

Once you know that your audience is liking one type of content and another type of content is boosting your sales. Now it is up to you to make the strategy in such a way that they do not get bored with your promotion nor do you miss out on your marketing. The balance between these two is a herculean task for any organization as the algorithm and taste of the audience is highly fluctuating.

Social media is highly volatile in the following trends. Nobody knows what the next trend is going to be! Sometimes it’s just an unknown person “Binod” and the other day all of them are discussing “International issues”. Being on toes will always pay you off in Social Media Marketing.


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