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Amul: India’s largest co-operative brand

Amul isn’t just a company selling stuff but it is the largest co-operative business for small business owners. Amul was established in the year 1946 in a small city of Gujarat, Anand. At that time milk vendors raised their voice against the greedy Government. Sardar Patel advised farmers to form a co-operative trust. The name of the trust is ‘Kheda district co-operative milk producers union limited.’ (changed in 1973 as Gujarat co-operative milk marketing federation G.C.M.M.F.)  

In the early days, trust used to collect only about 247 liters of milk from two nearby villages. Mr. Tribhuvandas Patel was the acting chairman of the trust and from the year 1950, Dr. Verghes Kurien was the leading man for the trust. Dr. Verghes Kurien has won the World Food Prize and the prestigious Megsese award. The father of India’s white revolution Dr. Kurien was the protagonist of Amul’s Success.

Our former prime minister Lal Bahadur Shashtri was so amazed by the success of Amul that he once famously said, ‘Only one Amul isn’t enough for the country of India’s size. We need many more Amul.’ Following his words, the government applied the National Dairy Development Policy and made Dr. Kurien its chairman. All thanks to the Amul model, India became the world’s leading milk producer country.

Today in our country, more than 40 lacs of milk producers provide more than 1 crore kilo milk to one and a half lakhs of co-operative dairies. Around 180 district co-operative units process this milk and then 22 state market sells this milk. There are more than 5000 wholesale dealers in Amul’s network. Somewhere around seven lacs sell shop sell Amul’s products and Amul has more 8000 own parlors.

15,000 crores of the Indian milk market, Amul has 15% of share and around 37% share in 900 crore’s ice-cream market. Amul’s goal is to cross the 30,000 crores (6.7 million dollars) turnover mark by the year 2020. The name Amul itself came from the Sanskrit word ‘Amulya’. The company’s branding is top-notch and the famous ‘utterly butterly advertisement was so rich and popular that Amul made a Guinness book of the world record of the longest-running advertising campaign. The remarkable thing about all these is Amul only spends 1 percent of its income on advertising while its competitors spend almost 7-8 percent.

 Interesting fact about Amul is, Bollywood film ‘Manthan’ released in the year of 1976 was produced by five lac farmers of Gujarat. All of them collected two rupees each and produced the film. This was the first time in history that farmers produced any film. Shyam Benegal and Dr. Kurien were the screenplay writer of the film. The film was such a success on the box-office and won many awards too.

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