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Apple: The revolution in the personal computer


IBM’s chairman Thomas Watson said in 1943 that, we may only sell a maximum of five computers in the world. What he truly meant was that the computer was such a luxury that nobody would effort it. Back then giants like IBM and Microsoft used to believe that it is impossible to sell personal computers to mass. Against all odds, two youngsters named Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak invented personal computers and proved to everyone by selling them that it can be very useful to normal people also. They started a brand called ‘Apple’, which was destined to achieve greatness.

Apple was started in steve’s garage. In the beginning, jobs and woz only had that revolutionary idea but no funding. They sold their car and calculators and gathered some money. With that money, they created a sample computer and met many store owners to convince them to buy their product. At last, a store owner gave them the order of 50 computers. They bought some 25,000 dollars worth of raw material on loan and started their work. They sold only about 175 computer in the first year, then they did a brainstorm and presented the Apple 2 in 1977. It was such a great invention according to scholars.

Apple corporation was established on 1st April 1976 in Cupertino. There wasn’t any real competition for Apple at the time, so they rapidly progressed with a 150% annual growth rate. Today no other company can take on the apple in terms of invention and technology. Apple invented graphics and mice. They are quite brilliant because, with them, any normal person can operate the computer with ease. In 2001, Apple launched a portable media player called iPod and to date, more than 3 billion of Ipods have been sold all over the world. Then after Itunes, I-phone, I-life, and many other revolutionary products, they just kept making one after another. 

All of this just started with an idea to create something advanced, useful, and beautiful.

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