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8 02, 2019

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP): Kingpin Narendra Modi


One Nation, 29 States, nearly 90 Cr voters, a total of 543 seats, seven national parties, 38.5% voting in their favour, win on 303 seats, and one brand, name: Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) …

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP): Kingpin Narendra Modi2020-01-21T11:38:28+00:00
11 01, 2019

Kapil dev and BSA Ladybird


Kapil dev was the hottest cricket sensation in the late 70s. Indian team won the world cup in the early 80s and Kapil dev started receiving many brand endorsment offers although they...

Kapil dev and BSA Ladybird2020-01-21T11:51:40+00:00
21 11, 2018

Sosyo: Gandhi inspired Whisky, rum, and soda-like drink


If there’s an Indian brand fighting against all odds to compete with giants like coca-cola and Pepsi then it must be Sosyo. If you drink sosyo with ice-cubes then it’ll give you heavenly pleasure...

Sosyo: Gandhi inspired Whisky, rum, and soda-like drink2020-01-21T11:44:29+00:00
26 10, 2018

Lux: khoobsoorti se dar kaisa?


When lux was launched in 1899 in england, it was a perfect example of sunlight soap. At the time, lux used to increase the beauty of clothes instead of the face. When lux reached the USA in 1916...

Lux: khoobsoorti se dar kaisa?2020-01-21T11:46:07+00:00
6 05, 2018

India’s first cola: Gluco Cola


Parle was at its peak in the 40s. It was at a height that there was a whole building in Mumbai just for gluco. At the time parle marketed Gluco quite aggressively.In 1949...

India’s first cola: Gluco Cola2020-01-21T11:50:31+00:00
2 04, 2018

Lijjatful Journey of 80 rs. to 80 crore


52 years ago, few housewives met and decided to earn some money in their free time. They didn’t have any specialties other than cooking food and common household work. After considering all...

Lijjatful Journey of 80 rs. to 80 crore2020-01-21T11:53:06+00:00
20 03, 2018

Story of Adi and his dream


At the age of 20, Adolf ‘Adi’ Dassler had a dream that one day every player in the world will wear his shoes while playing their respective sports. Edi was living in a small German town called...

Story of Adi and his dream2020-01-28T10:59:26+00:00
8 02, 2018

Amul: India’s largest co-operative brand


Amul isn’t just a company selling stuff but it is the largest co-operative business for small business owners. Amul was established in the year 1946 in a small city of Gujarat, Anand...

Amul: India’s largest co-operative brand2020-01-28T11:11:27+00:00
19 01, 2018

Apple: The revolution in the personal computer


IBM’s chairman Thomas Watson said in 1943 that, we may only sell a maximum of five computers in the world. What he truly meant was that the computer was such a luxury...

Apple: The revolution in the personal computer2020-01-21T11:55:17+00:00

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