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Best Free Websites For Logo Design

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Best Free Websites For Logo Design

“Why waste resources creating a logo? What difference would it make anyway?”

Such voices might murmur in your conscious at times. It is super critical to avoid paying heed to that voice. To create a logo a branding agency can come to your rescue or you can make your own through some free logo creating websites mentioned below.

Logos are the most recognizable brand identifiers; businesses are trademarking even the colour of their logos because these, though seemingly small things, help brand recognition.

A logo is something that an organization or a group of people is identified with. According to a study, 50% of consumers are more likely to patronize a brand with a logo that they recognize. It answers the questions- who are you, your goals, your mission, your beliefs, requirements, and so on. Apple Inc., Starbucks, Microsoft, and the likes have iconic brand logos but making them so was not the intention. The logos became iconic over time because they aligned with brand ideology. To make this process a little easier, here is a list of the Best Free websites and software available for a logo design that will come in handy.

1. Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Tailor Brands is an AI-powered free logo maker. Just like any logo designer, it will ask you questions about your business and your expectations from your brand’s logo. Questions like logotype (initial, name, and icon) and font style are then asked to customize a logo for you. Tailor Brands will provide hundreds of templates with the help of the information you have fed in. They even offer various promotional products like your business card, brand website, merchandise, social covers, etc. The proprietary AI analyses your choices, enabling you to customize once available options are available.

2. Canva

Canva is one of the most renowned and widely used intuitive logo generators. You do not need to be proficient in graphic designing. There are a variety of templates available, or you can choose to create your logo. You can add free design features by simply typing the keywords in the search bar and creating professional logos. One of the added advantages of Canva is that you can collaborate in real-time with your co-workers who are operating from different devices and locations. Moreover, you can visualize the logo you generate on various products. All these features and more make Canva a favourite of many businesses.

3. Wix Logo Maker

Wix asks questions like Tailor Brands and helps you create your logo for free. It also generates high-quality vector files, which you can purchase and download anytime. You can even take inspiration by browsing ideas created by real users on the platform. Wix also enables you to print your logo on merchandise and business cards and ship them to your doorstep. The logo maker is easy to use, allowing you to edit as you go. If any more changes are required, the edit needs to be purchased again. Editing the logo is permissible after purchase and download. The blog section on Wix is also highly insightful for new users and a perfect guide to creating unique designs.

4. Hatchful

Hatchful helps you create free logos (in literally a few clicks) by choosing from hundreds of available templates. It helps build a unique brand identity by giving you the freedom to select your logo’s color palette. Though the logos of Hatchful are not as elegant as can be found on Canva or Tailor Brands, the interface is straightforward. You can customize your logo with the available editing features and download them in high-quality PNG files. One of the most attractive advantages of creating a logo on Hatchful is that there are no hidden costs to download; what you make is yours to own and can be downloaded. You can also use these logos on your Twitter banner and Facebook cover page.

5. Ucraft Logo Maker

Ucraft allows you to make creative logos by saving time and avoiding the high costs of hiring a graphic designer. As mentioned on its website, in 6 steps, you can design your business logos. There are no logo templates; instead, you are free to create on a blank page by adding features like an extensive selection of icons, texts, and shapes. You can then click on preview and see how the logo looks on your website, merchandise, and business card. You can download your logo in a PNG format after logging in.

6. LogoMakr

A sophisticated logo maker, you can choose from over a million graphic templates and add texts and other font-related features. Once satisfied with the results, you can save the creation. The logos are unlimited vector zoom quality which means they never get blurry. If you want to download and acquire the logo, there are a couple of packages you can choose from. A unique offering by LogoMakr is the social icon creator, which lets you create social profile icons to increase your reach.

7. DesignEvo Free Logo Maker

Probably one of the most user-friendly options to design a logo in a matter of minutes. It has a build your logo from scratch option and a library of 10,000+ logo templates. If you find a logo exciting and suitable for your business, you can customize it by changing the colors of the icon, the font size, and the style. A short video will quickly guide you through the process as soon as you reach the website. They even allow you to download a low-resolution logo that you have created. Still, a couple of plans are available for lifetime support, vector downloads, and higher-quality logos with a max size of 5000px. You will own your creation once paid for a project, edit allowed after purchase, and you can even ask for a refund within seven days if you are unhappy with the services.

8. MarkMaker

MarkMaker is quite different from the other available options because it acts like a social media site. The platform learns your likes and provides options based on your preference over many sessions. Initially, the logo templates may look out of WordArt because it tries to understand the creator’s visual vernacular first and, through feedback, customizes itself. Once satisfied with your logo, you can download it in PNG and SVG format.

A brand logo defines your ideology, enabling you to reach your target audience. Creating your logo from these platforms benefits small businesses by saving time and costs. Most logo makers are free to use but require a fee to access the logo. Some organizations count on branding agencies to create their identity and capitalize on their vast experience. To get expert advice and ensure your business scales new heights, Granth provides unmatched logo making services. Our experienced professionals have been instrumental in giving a face to brands and continue to do so. We are a one-stop destination for everything brand building. Let us know your requirement here.


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