EP-1 | BHAJI BHAU | Granth Story Deck
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EP-1 | BHAJI BHAU | Granth Story Deck

bhaji pav stole with illustrator character and some caption

Stories have altogether different ways to trigger you and surface the unhealed issues and take you on a journey of introspection to an outcome that is a beautiful version of you.

Let us take you on a journey for a while that is relevant to the current situation.

There was a lower-middle-class man who had two kids. He was not very educated but skilled at cooking and especially a very Indian dish named Bhaji Pav. So, for his livelihood, he made a great decision to run a Bhaji Pav lorry on the streets near the garden. Earning from the same lorry, the man got a famous name Bhaji Bhau. Bhau is a slang language for elder brother or to address someone with respect in Maharashtra.

From the earnings, he builds all the empire. Also, his two kids grew up with decent education. Later, one of his sons decides to pursue education out of India the another stays in the city pursues medical studies.

The elder son graduates from management studies out of India and decides to celebrate success with the family. Son returns to visit family. Sooner, there was unfortunate news of pandemic hit that made him stay back. So, for the time being, he decides to work and aid his father at selling Bhaji Pav. They get an idea to build a restaurant with the same item. The name changed to ‘Big Buffet’ restaurant. The things were perfect.

But, the son had a bit different ideas considering the situation. He got into the facts with the word spread of the news channels that there will be a situation leading to a market situation tough to expense. He decides to curtail many such things in-house, including food to the core, go tasteless. The USP of Bhaji Bhau.

Although the audience transferred from the streets to the restaurant, the plan was not so successful. As the taste of the food was no longer the same, the warm welcomes were no longer the same, and the quantity was no longer the same.

The idea states, we bind ourselves to the web of a belief system that is not so right situationally at times.

Let us re – sketch the story of the same people above.

The elder son would have let the father run the lorry on the streets with a low price and hygiene. It would have brought many people in quantity and made him earn at least above average but not with no income at all.

And, to the Bhaji Bhau situations in the years he was building the empire had many days with recession and still, he made it to the days. So, it never affected him. The passion and balance to the things made his living and a situational approach.

Moral: Any change without a deeper analysis of the business environment results in disasters.

What do you think?

Please share your ideas and thoughts on the story.

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