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Content to connect: Reach out to the potential customers with blog promotion (2022)

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Content to connect: Reach out to the potential customers with blog promotion (2022)

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Blogs help a website get discovered through search engines. How can you reach out to potential customers through blog promotions? Some strategies are listed below.

1. Promote the blog across all social media accounts

The most important aspect of blog promotion is to post graphics on social media and a link to the blog. For instance, a social media post reads, “Tips to boost your productivity.” Towards the end of the post, add a link to a blog post about productivity. This will encourage people to click on the link and read the entire blog post.

2. Promote your blog in forums and discussion groups

Imagine writing a blog about marketing strategies and promoting it in a platform where doctors are present.

When you write a blog post, make sure that it reaches the relevant audience.

Promote your blogs in forums and discussion groups. If your blog is about marketing strategies, promote it in a group for digital marketing professionals. This will help it to reach maximum people. For instance, Reddit and LinkedIn Groups are one of the best places to promote your blog.

3. Comment on other people’s blogs


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If someone reads your blog and comments about a particular sentence that he/she loved, you’ll be interested in that person.

Commenting on other people’s blogs is a great way to encourage people to read your posts. However, excessively commenting on every single blog post of a blogger isn’t a good practice. Similarly, you must read the entire blog post before leaving a comment. People want to read well-thought comments that show their interest in their writing.

4. Write content that meets search engine optimization guidelines

Content on your blog must meet the search engine optimization guidelines. There must be keywords present in the blog, without keyword stuffing. The content must be formatted using headings and links, titles, and you must add headings or subheadings to the blog post.


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5. Reach out to people who may be interested in your blog

Reaching out to other bloggers may help you promote your blog. While it may be a time-consuming strategy, it can help if it is planned and executed well.

Imagine that someone has written a blog post about the top 10 SEO practices that content marketers can follow.

You can reach out to him/her through a direct message and tell him/her about your recent blog post. You can highlight how your blog post includes more information that he/she may find useful.

6. Offer a valuable piece of content through your blog

If you have a website, you can offer a useful piece of content through your blog. This will make the blog more popular, such as through word-of-mouth. Reports and case studies are examples of content that will encourage visitors to stay on the website. For instance, a marketing company can write a report on influencer marketing. It can link to its blog post on influencer marketing on the same page.

7. Use guest blogging to promote your blog

Guest blogging is a brilliant technique to ensure that your blog reaches a broad audience. You can create an account either with your name or your business’s name on a high-authority website. The articles on these websites can end with call-to-action buttons that redirect to your blog.

Have you ever looked at articles on high-authority websites like Medium or Hub Pages? Some of the articles have headings that tempt people to click on the link. For instance, “How I Got (X) new followers on my blog” is one example of a title.

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8. Create an email list

I’m sure that you receive promotional emails after leaving your email id on a particular website. Places to promote your blog include people’s email inboxes.

When people download a piece of content such as an e-book, the website requires them to leave their email. Whenever you post something new, you can send an email to your subscribers. This will help you increase the traffic on your blog.

Now that you know how to do blog promotions, it’s time to implement the strategies listed above. Have you used any of the methods listed above? Let us know in the comments below!

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