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Brand Guidebook

Imagine a customer who needs to enquire about a particular agency. In this digitally-driven world, chances are he is doing this via the internet.

A Brand Guidebook or Brand Style Guide is the standard set of rules and regulations dictated to describe the branding correctly. It gives an idea about how we present our brand to the world and what to keep in mind while creating our branding material. Here are some benefits

  • Provides a framework to the business
  • Ensures that everything’s in order
  • Assists in pouring out the right message
  • Steers towards the target audience
  • Keeps the brand consistent that eventually defines the company’s reputation and builds trust
  • Helps look professional that reflects the brand as someone that could be trusted

Brand Story/History

Marketing your product won’t generate significant sales. Creating an appealing stories is one of the most important part of marketing, and what’s better than the real story of your brand. Brand story tells feelings that are associated with your brand. The story of why you created this brand, what is the purpose behind it? Brands stories creates feeling among the customers which makes them more likely to buy a product from you.

  • A unique compelling story about your brand
  • Create awareness among the individuals
  • Brand story inspires an emotional reaction for your brand
  • Building loyal customers
  • Creating attachments with your brand products


Vision drives the future, it gives you a purpose to work on your brand. No big companies were ever created without a vision. Brand vision is the idea behind a brand that will help guide the future of your company. Brand vision is one of the most important thing for any company. It gives employees a reason to care about your brand and if it resonates with the customer, there is nothing better than that. Brand vision helps in building brands.

  • It reflects and supports the business strategies
  • It differentiates you from competitors
  • It resonates with the customers
  • Energizes and inspires employees
  • Precipitates a gush of ideas for marketing programs.


What you’re upto? What are your goals? Where do you see yourself and your company in the next 5 years? These are some small questions that makes a bigger impact. Answering these questions will help you set a mission or a goal. Mission statement will give you and employee a sense of purpose.

  • Why organization exists?
  • What are the pillars that organization is built on?
  • What are its future goals and how revolutionary the brand can be?


Logo is a symbol of brand. Logo is the foundation of your brand identity. It makes a strong first impression and grabs attention. It separates you from the competitors and fosters brand loyalty.


Tagline is second most important thing after logo. It conveys a message of a brand. It helps a lot during marketing campaigns. It leaves consumers with a lasting positive impression of a brand.


An E-book is an informative content that highlights text, images, and infographics to help the audience in enhancing a given approach and give them a sophisticated look at a particular matter. 

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