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Today, the number of people using social media and search engines is ever-increasing. But, to direct these people to a particular website and thrive in business, Content Marketing is required. It is the process of creating and publishing promotional content for marketing purposes regularly. There are ample ways to market the content.

Content Moderation

Today, the internet is flooded with oodles of posts, pictures, and comments. With such an incredible amount of data, it’s crucial to monitor all the content to reduce fake news, hate speech, and noxious content spreading online. This process of fusing the advanced technology of AI platforms and skilled experts and making the internet a safer place for people and their brands is called Content Moderation.

  • Accurate and reliable content
  • Content moderation in 20+ languages
  • Removing the unreliable content
  • Filtering the content that lies under the guidelines or policies of the company
  • Moderating content in real-time to protect reputation and goodwill of the company

Blog Post

A Blog Post is a discussion or informational content that individuals, firms, or big organizations create for a particular topic. Today, they are usually posted on the homepage of the website, or else on a blogging platform. It might be written for a business, fashion, health, food, sports, or anything at all.

  • SEO optimised content for better ranking.
  • A voice for your brand through tailor-made content.
  • Blog posts on timely topics
  • How-to guides
  • Infographics with high social sharing potential
  • Blog post calendar

Newsletter & Infographics

Newsletters are informational emails that are sent to prospective customers or subscribers to give them helpful information. It is used to stay in touch with them and engage them with regular periodic updates about a specific product or service.

  • Creating the professional look
  • Managing subscriber list and contacts
  • Improved deliverability
  • Timely newsletter directly into the subscribers inbox
  • Reporting and analysis
  • CTA to generate leads and sales
  • Infographics for better understanding

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is the promotional content for which we pay. It can be something that pops up in between while reading a blog that says sponsored by or sponsored post. It means that one firm is paying another to show their content on its website. Businesses usually pay for sponsored content to gain website traffic, high domain authority, or higher page rank.

  • Creating a sharable content to reach more people
  • Targeting the right audience to increase shareability
  • Reaching social media influencers to get more exposure on social media platforms
  • Generating leads by adding CTA

Landing Page

Landing pages are a single webpage for marketing purposes that discusses a single aspect and provides the visitor traffic a targeted message on what we want to highlight. It may consist of videos, call-to-action, and even registering forms.

  • Creating landing pages that stand out and shows a clear and concise message of your brand
  • Generating leads through compelling landing pages
  • Creating a carefully crafted landing page for you target audience to generate leads
  • Continuous performance testing and conversion reporting
  • Unlimited iterations

White Paper

White Papers like free guides, informative articles, special reports, etc. are educational tools that address solutions to the struggles of people. It ascertains someone as an individual or company that people can rely on and hence is one of the most powerful marketing tools.

  • White papers written and edited by technical or subject matter experts
  • White paper content formatting to ensure better reading experience
  • Dedicated landing page copy
  • Content optimised to make your thought leadership content easier to find on search engines
  • Converting blog post or an infographic to white paper


A webinar is a virtual conference room where hundreds of people gather for an online course, training, or a product demo. It is run on a dedicated platform and has many interactive features like session recording, chats, Q&A sessions, call to action, etc. Here, the host can present the content to the attendees in a single sitting, even for someone far away.

  • Engaging and insightful subjects as per brand requirements
  • Creating presentations and engaging video and animated content
  • Experts talk for better understanding of the topics
  • Providing Scripts that spreads awareness among the individuals
  • Webinar to increase brand awareness


Ebook is an electronic version of a printed book, and it plays an essential role in content marketing. It drives conversions and welcomes leads. It helps in creating expertise in a topic, subject, or technology. Professionals of any niche can pick a particular topic to give a solution or precise information. For a marketing point of view, people usually give their ebook for free or trade it for an email address from where they can start a  relationship with the leads and transform them into customers.

  • Topic ideation
  • Ebook Writing best practices
  • Design and formatting
  • Custom call-to-action buttons for lead generation
  • Web copy for dedicated ebook landing pages

Video Podcasts

Video Podcasts are a series of videos that can be presented to the audience via the podcast hosting website. They are usually free for downloading, and the users can even subscribe to a particular podcast.

  • Videos and podcasts that creates buzz
  • Scripts that creates engagement
  • Content audits and new content creation
  • Corporate video creation
  • Podcast creation for brand awareness
  • Building strategies to get more reach on various digital platforms
  • Social media marketing
  • Keyword research for titles for SEO

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