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Offline Marketing is a business strategy that doesn’t involve any internet medium. It constitutes printed materials like business cards, brochures, postcards, events, media conferences, seminars, etc.

Ooh (Outdoor Advertising)

Outdoor or Out-of-home advertising counts on to grab people’s attention without any internet technology. It can be done through business cards, brochures, events, media conferences, seminars, trade shows, marketing phone calls, etc. One of its most popular formats is billboards. They are usually located in highly visible or heavy traffic areas to easily get noticed.

  • Researching latest keywords that targets OOH campaigns
  • Targeting audience
  • Content development
  • Designing compelling ads
  • Performance evaluation

Brand Awareness Campaign

Brand Awareness Campaigns focus on creating strategies about how easily people can grasp a particular brand, especially if it is new. It is simpler for potential customers to notice a brand if it has higher brand awareness.

Brand Awareness Campaigns are something that makes people say, ‘Hey, that brand seems amazing. I want to buy from there.’ or ‘I think they are great. Let’s find out more about them.’ even when the market is bursting with lots of other similar brands.

  • Developing Online and offline marketing strategies
  • Targeting the right audience for your brand
  • Developing a content marketing and social media marketing strategies to increase brand conversations
  • Optimising your website on page and technical SEO
  • Managing local SEO to ensure content quality
  • Reaching new audience through display advertising campaigns
  • Developing offline activities among youth to increase awareness

Moment Marketing

Moment marketing is using the current trends or moments and building campaigns around it. With this digitally driven world, businesses are more likely to get the attention of their customers if they can engage them in talks about current situations.

  • Creating captivating ads
  • Finding the right spot for your brand to run campaigns
  • Automating your ads to convert leads into sales
  • Doing the Keyword research to get more exposure

Case Study

Marketers today use case studies to teach others their success formula. It is a great way to showcase skills without just boasting. They are usually for the people who are interested in a specific service or a business. In terms of marketing, case studies might prove to be a point where a visitor decides to interact with a particular company because, after learning about the firm’s salutary work, they are more likely to turn into a customer.

  • Case studies highlighting real world results
  • Case studies suited for your target audience and objective
  • Suggestions in developing content calendar
  • Editing and proof-reading drafts to provide more clarity

Corporate Presentation

Companies always try to find inventive ways to be palpable. One such approach is creating corporate presentations that wow potential and current customers. With a well-crafted presentation, the audience can be educated, encouraged, informed, and convinced. It shows expertise and builds a firm’s overall image.

  • Using the latest corporate presentation technologies
  • Customised corporate presentations as per your needs
  • Ensuring high audience response through engaging presentations
  • We create presentations that generates curiosity among the individuals
  • Presentations which helps in generating leads and sales or crack deals

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