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Textual Content is an integral part of any digital marketing campaign. The strength of a strong SEO campaign always keeps Textual Content as one of the top picks. Once a company reaches the top, chances are, it can be on Google’s top suggestion for people trying to find them with suitable keywords.  


With the help of decent Textual Content, firms can share information about their services and products. But, here, they need to keep in mind that with each view of their content, they are creating potential customers, and hence, to maintain that customer’s faith, relevant text content should be put out.

Web Content

Web Content is any content that a user views or feels on a website. It might be text, images, reports, information, audio/video files, animations, and much more. Web Content is responsible for creating traffic on websites, and hence it should be kept appealing and well optimized.

  • SEO optimised content for better ranking.
  • A voice for your brand through tailor-made content.
  • Blog posts on timely topics
  • How-to guides
  • Infographics with high social sharing potential


An article is usually a piece of writing that is published online, in a newspaper or a magazine. It is penned for guiding others on a particular subject, and to generate headlines or study outcomes or any other pertinent matter.   

  • New articles based on information, surveys and our own research
  • SEO optimised articles
  • Expert writers
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 100% unique content
  • Story ideas tailored for your target audience
  • Editing and proof reading to ensure clarity

Video/Audio Scripts

Video/Audio Scripts have an indispensable role when sending a message out to the people. Be it on a website or any other social media. If a marketable video is going out, the right choice of words can accurately capture what we want to tell.

  • New Script made from scratch
  • Editing existing draft
  • Suggested story boards and questions
  • Script in a format that works for video teams


Presentations are a crucial phase of any branding process. It helps to stand out creatively and look prominent in front of prospective clients. Hence, branding presentations must be devised with adequate study, and they should fit well with the styling.

  • Customised presentations as per your needs
  • Ensuring high audience response through engaging presentations
  • We create presentations that generates curiosity among the individuals
  • Presentations which helps in generating leads and sales or crack deals

White Papers

White Paper is a report written by people that a reader finds convincing. It helps them reach the next level in their community. Here, they put their views and opinions about current issues.

  • White papers written and edited by technical or subject matter experts
  • White paper content formatting to ensure better reading experience
  • Dedicated landing page copy
  • Content optimised to make your thought leadership content easier to find on search engines
  • Converting blog post or an infographic to white paper


An E-book is an informative content that highlights text, images, and infographics to help the audience in enhancing a given approach and give them a sophisticated look at a particular matter.

  • Topic ideation
  • Ebook Writing best practices
  • Design and formatting
  • Custom call-to-action buttons for lead generation
  • Web copy for dedicated ebook landing pages


Brand publishing is a unique marketing strategy of publishing enlightening content for customers to help them learn better. It is designed to please them rather than shoving them with sales or promotional messages right away.

Case Studies

A case study of a brand is the comprehensive information of a specific case and its evolution over time. It also gives an insight into a brand that creates the case study and paints its personality that defines them as a solution provider to their needs.

  • Case studies highlighting real world results
  • Case studies suited for your target audience and objective
  • Suggestions in developing content calendar
  • Editing and proof-reading drafts to provide more clarity

Elevator/Sales pitch

An Elevator/Sales pitch is a concise but clear summary used to instantly and accurately define a person, its position, business, event, product, or service in a way that sparks another discussion.

  • Targeting the audience and creating an appealing sales pitch
  • Providing scripts that energises and motivates people to buy products
  • Pitches that resonate with the audience
  • Pitches which will help you close deals like a pro

Investor’s Deck

The Investor’s Deck is a presentation that describes everything about a specific business. It may be the business model, products, services, vision, breakthroughs, team introduction, etc. It intends to raise venture capital from potential investors.

  • Creating presentations about your company performances and sales data
  • Providing Well Designed, Persuasive Presentations for Corporate and Startups
  • Our presentations brim with fresh new ideas
  • Minimalist and accurate content, so that the VC’s don’t get sleepy during presentations
  • Our presentations will surely help you get attraction from the best VC’s

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