Garbh Sanskar Yatra

Developed an application for iOS and Android based devices and designed content that appeals to mothers

Garbh Sanskar Yatra

Garbh Sanskar Yatra’ application is designed to make you aware of facts and guiding you through all assumptions, myths surrounding pregnancy. It encompasses all the dos and don’ts to be followed during the pregnancy period. It is designed to make pregnancy becomes a memorable journey for all.

  • IndustryMedical
  • Year2020 onwards

Services Offered

  • iOS, Android App Design & Development
  • Content Strategy and Writing


Today’s parents have increasingly become alert and aware about their health, family planning, and future. This application and its content were developed specifically to cater to the needs and answer the different queries of parents.

The following are the objectives that we had drawn before the execution of the project:

  • To make people aware of their best phase of life!
  • Create content that covers areas such as Why Garbh Sanskar?, amazing facts about pregnancy, necessary nutrients to be taken during pregnancy, pregnancy mood swings, the role of the family in Indian parenting, and related
  • To develop comprehensive, highly appealing content and design such that people at large subscribe to it!


Conceptualization itself was a big challenge.

  • Content generation of over 10 Lacs words was the biggest challenge
  • Over 100 letters were written and recorded during the development
  • The concept of pregnancy care for both to be the mother and to be a father was a challenge and never explored in India
  • Scalability and bandwidth of the content
  • Performance of the content, the embedded content should be played smoothly and never make its user feel uncomfortable
  • The right choice of framework and platforms for development
  • Marketing and advertisement of the app to make it popular was one of the biggest challenges!


Garbh Sanskar Yatra came out really well with seamless content development and a 100% scientific approach with experts’ guidance without seeming superstitious or promoting wrong beliefs. Garbh Sanskar Yatra has the minutest of details, from conceiving the child to the post-birth of a child. It has served as a friend, philosopher, and guide to parents around the world.


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