Knack Packaging

Rendered technical research-based content for packaging

Knack Packaging

Knack Packaging is a well-known name in the packaging industry. They offer a myriad of packaging solutions like HDPE/PP Woven fabrics, HDPE/PP Woven Sacks/Bags & Multicolor Printed BOPP Laminated PP Woven Sacks/Bags, and much more. They also export these products worldwide.

  • IndustryManufacturing
  • Year2019-20

Services Offered

  • Product Descriptions
  • Technical Content
  • Website Design
  • Corporate Portfolio
  • Catalogue Design


As the company’s business expanded globally, they knew they needed more accurate and visible content that reflects who they are and helps them connect with others. This was the time to give the right words to their journey, emotions, and values.


We had the chance to deliver something which their previously contacted agencies couldn’t. We were more focused on maintaining the core values on which the company was built.

  • To write technical content taking interviews of Department HODs, Marketing, Sales and Blue-collar teams
  • Allocation of dedicated resource at client’s manufacturing unit and corporate office throughout the project


We offered easy-to-understand product descriptions with all the necessary information. We developed their technical content with thorough research and designed their catalog and corporate portfolio. We also designed their website ( Our creative strategy proved its importance and was very well-received.


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