Creative cataloging for a 50-year-old manufacturing company


Oreva a group of companies which was previously known as Ajanta Manufacturing Ltd., has developed a well-known reputation in the market for a huge range of products manufactured by them. It was established by Odhavjibhai Patel, a teacher who had envisioned starting a company that manufactured clocks in 1971. Oreva has established strong roots in the Indian market with a large dealer network of more than 20k+ dealers. They had diversified into the manufacturing of varied products with time such as appliances and electrical devices such as lights, switches, electric vehicles, and more products.

  • IndustryManufacturing
  • Year2021

Services Offered

  • OEM Catalog
  • Corporate Profile


Oreva was one of those companies that had been part of the Indian market since more than 50 years and had faced a lot of setbacks from its competitors especially when it came to marketing. It was clear that they were in need of a creative strategy that highlighted their excellence in manufacturing and their years and years of brand legacy.

  • Come up with a creative strategy that highlighted their legacy and excellence in manufacturing
  • Design their Corporate profile and OEM catalog utilizing that strategy



Despite being a 50 year old manufacturing company, Oreva needed a creative touch to leave a mark on its customers.

  • To creatively showcase their OEM catalog
  • Design a corporate profile that highlights their 50+year old legacy in 20 pages


Oreva had now received the marketing push that it needed to improve its growth possibilities significantly, allowing it to make better of the opportunities presented to it by the Indian market.

By giving a creative life to their range of originally manufactured products via an OEM catalog, our team changed the paradigm of B2B pitching. Oreva had achieved another milestone of creating a powerful pitch deck that emphasized on their manufacturing strengths. The client was able to pitch its customers better and the creative catalog made it stand out amidst its competitors.


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