Connected an Indian video meeting app with its audience


An Indian video meeting application that encouraged Indians to adopt Swadeshi ideology by boycotting western applications and signing up to the application that was made in India for India. Vayam wanted us to do their social media campaign in English and Hindi with their TG being Swayam sevaks and core nationalists.

  • IndustryInformation Technology
  • Year2021

Services Offered

  • Social media management


  • Plan a detailed social media campaign
  • Coordinate on regular basis with the client
  • Timely execution when it comes to content development and designing


  • Creating content that appeals to the core nationalists
  • Effective delivery within short period of time
  • Ensuring smooth and meaningful content development


The client was really happy with the strategy planned and executed for social media. It helped them reach a greater audience and encourage more people to sign up for their pledge of Atmanirbharta. We have also helped them develop some unique creatives for Ganesh Chaturthi. They were so impressed by our work that they have personally appreciated us.

  • Increased application downloads
  • Boost in the number of signups for the app
  • Brand recognition improved

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