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Atul Bakery

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Having established a strong reputation in the market with their commendable quality of baked items, Atul Bakery had slowly emerged as one of the well-known brands. Established originally in 2001, Atul started with a vision to provide the cherishable experience of a bakery that customers have always wished for. Since the beginning, Atul Bakery’s focus was solely on providing fresh and qualitative baked items. After having penetrated the market has gathered 20 years of experience, they have expanded to over 150+ chains of bakery stores nationwide.

  • Industry


  • Location

    Surat, Gujarat, India

  • Service(s) Provided

    E-commerce Website with Hyperlocal Omnichannel Delivery

  • Date

    January 1, 2021

The Problem

After having targeted to increase its presence both nationwide and globally, it was apparent that the company needed a fully revamped online platform that delivered in terms of both user experience and functionality. Their previous website didn’t put focus on their core offerings and their legacy. With the need for real-time tracking features and cake delivery functionalities, they needed a fully integrated website that took care of all the facets of their business with efficiency and better output.


We conducted an analysis of their existing website and we found that it proved short in many areas. It lacked behind on many aspects such as functionality, security, design, and content. Our IT team jotted down specifically which areas that are to be restructured and we made a plausible wireframe for the website for the execution phase. We observed that the website had a laggy runtime and a high load time. Order management was not present in terms of the quantity delivered, inventory adjustment, and billing. A customized order feature was not present. The overall user’s shopping experience from the landing page to the checkout page was not satisfactory. Therefore, we decided to give their website a complete revamp in terms of functionality, design, and content. Adding to this we had to develop a spontaneous plan for an unplanned website launching video before the foundation day and we placed a special day banner on the website to cater to the special day.

The Process


Upon a thorough evaluation of their existing website, we realized that the website lagged behind in many areas so we decided to redesign it completely from scratch. From the content point of view, the website didn’t highlight their legacy as well as achievementsTherefore, our team decided to also redesign their website’s content. From the functionality point of view, the website lagged a lot with high load time and long runtime. It needed to be stabilized and improved. After testing the website and evaluating its performance stats, we concluded that it needed heavy redevelopment in terms of the backend for improving its performance on different parameters such as traffic, load time, render time, bounce rate, throughput, and peak response times.  



Our goal was to deliver on the requirements submitted by the client before the project execution and additional unplanned requirements added by the client with quality execution within the time frame we had proposed. For this, we had developed an operational strategy that involved simultaneous execution from different areas of development. This included all the work from website development, designing, and content development being done simultaneously.  


  • Designed a wireframe based on the problem analysis of the current website and conducted a thorough content audit of their website. 
  • We implemented a range of features such as midnight cake delivery, Instagram feed implementation, customized cake preparation and product selection based on preferred quantity that gave their website a complete functional and aesthetic makeover improving their reach to customers to a significant level.  
  • For giving wings to their social initiatives, we dedicated a section for HAR BETI KHAAS HAI , an initiative that involves offering free cake to children upon turning 1.


Despite being in the bakery business for more than 20 years, Atul Bakery didn’t have a strong online presence. This was because their existing website lagged behind in terms of functionality, design, and content. To bring their products and core values in focus, it was important to completely restructure the website from scratch and give it a 360-degree makeover. To expand their business nationwide and internationally, it was a prerequisite to have a functional and qualitative website. We made this possible by delivering the website within the span of only 3 months. Team Granth not only gave their website a complete makeover but also gave their brand a new online identity opening up their possibilities for global expansion.

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