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Book My Farm

BookMyFarm is an innovative idea incepted from two genius minds Gautam Mangukiya and Himmat Mangukiya. It is a convenient medium that provides a person with an opportunity to enjoy weekends or holidays at fascinating and stunning places at affordable prices. Moreover, it enables a platform to property owners and landlords who can easily generate a constant income out of their vacant property. 


Consumer Services

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    Online Booking Platform

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    Complete 360 Branding

  • Date

    June 3, 2019


Uniqueness always brings a unique challenge with it. The same thing happened with BookMyFarm also. The company was trying to figure out a way to reach a larger mass and in an interesting way but was unable to find a solution.


Since they required a complete 360-degree solution; there was a great scope for us to cater to the need. In other words, it was an opportunity that was knocking at our door and we were aware enough about its importance.

The Process


Needless to say, once again Team Granth dedicatedly worked on the primary need and that was sheer research. During research and analysis, we got to know about some interesting facts that further helped us design our strategy.

The strategy

For us, the task was almost like bringing a child into this world. We nurtured the brand with the utmost care and love. Before executing the strategy we wanted to be clear about the verticals and areas of promotion to come up with only the best. Since the actual need was to create a brand’s regional presence, we designed the strategy emphasizing on regional promotion.


  • This was the most important part of our work. Thus we steadily headed towards it. 
  • We began with logo design to shape the brand. It’s important to mention that the logo created by us was loved by the client and it got approved in one go without any hassles. 
  • Then we came up with a creative and catchy tagline for the brand. 
  • For promotions we preferred brochures and tried to create the best of what we can do. 
  • We also created some interesting merchandise for the brand to enhance its visibility. 
  • The web designing and web content part were also handled by our team. 
  • Meanwhile, we were dedicatedly working on the company policies and other legal aspects, so that no hindrance could stop the brand’s journey. 
  • We were aware of the fact that the brand needs to get noticed everywhere. So we have put some focus on articulating press releases also. 
  • We created major stories near the brand along with covering the events related to it. 
  • As we all know that in the advertising world, outdoor promotions always have been a catalyst to generate brand awareness. So, to introduce our brand to the target audience, we opted for creative outdoor advertising through hoardings and banners etc. 
  • Nowadays, cinema-screen is a great tool to convey your message to the audience. Being aware of the significance of 70 mm screen in the advertising sphere, we promoted brand content through brand videos and ads in multiplexes and cinema halls. 
  • We created some radio ads as well so that the brand could be heard everywhere. 
  • In addition to it, we did cover other important aspects of branding as well. 
  • In concise, we can say that we have provided the brand, a complete 360-degree branding solution. 


Within a few days of the promotional activities, the brand BookMyFarm garnered a lot of attention across Gujarat. The best part is that the brand is planning to enter the markets of various other states as well.

Their happiness with the work that we did can be registered from the fact that they are still keen on Team Granth for different services and as a strategic partner. There is nothing more that we could have asked for. There is a famous Hindi saying “Naiya aur Khinvayya ka sath hamesha bana rehna chahiye.” We totally believe that this is just the beginning, together there is so much more that we can do. 

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