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910, Shivalik Satyamev, Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380058

Dr. Kartik Slimming Clinic

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Dr. Kartik Slimming Clinic – DKS is amongst the most advanced weight loss clinics in Ahmedabad. They give unique, professionally directed, compelling weight loss and diet programs to their clients. DKS has trained professional dietitians for counselling who are committed to providing the most reliable and has been giving exceptional weight loss and body shaping results. 

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    Standee + Banner + Newspaper ad (9th Anniversary theme)

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    October 10, 2019


DKS was doing well in their domain, but encountering problems in productive brand communication. They were attempting to figure out a way to reach a more significant crowd and in a curious way, and that’s when they contacted us. 


The clinic provided well-equipped weight loss and several other services but came up short to reach potential customers. They required a tremendous promotion and branding in combination with a few additional support. As usual, we were always present with the brand to meet their demands. 

The Process


A process carried out by thorough research and analysis always helps in getting profitable results. Afterwards, we did an advanced kind of research and analysis, which gave a more subtle and exact explanation of the data. 

The strategy 

To provide the most excellent framework of branding, we chose both online and offline promotions. 

  • We needed to set the familiarity of the brand, so we composed some animated videos and a few infographics likewise. 
  • We dealt with their social media and managed several campaigns to improve the reach and cover all types of customers. 
  • Furthermore, for the offline reach, we presented them with a transparent but straightforward newspaper advertisement in the context of their 9th-anniversary theme. 
  • In the expansion to it, we provided fantastic banners and standees for exhibitions or events. 


The result was remarkable. In several days of the promotional projects, DKS earned a bunch of consideration all over Ahmedabad. There was an impressive growth in the crowd of the clinic. Our strategy supported Dr. Kartik’s Slimming Clinic to get the desired attention, and cases started coming in reasonable numbers. On the other hand, Team Granth also received an overwhelming response from the client. 

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