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Garbh Sanskar Yatra


It only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg! But it involves all happiness and dreams which the couple has seen and desired to become a parent. The journey of becoming a parent is a topsy turvy experience for all couples. When Gynecologist declares or when a girl sees the Pregnancy kit strip, and she comes to know that she is pregnant, the roller coaster starts moving towards the journey of nine months.
Today’s working parents have become more aware of the pregnancy period and the health of the to-be mother. With the happiness and smiles across, there are so many myths, dos and don’t are involved. We are bringing an altogether new experience to you, your wholesome guide and mentor who will help you in all aspects from family planning to pregnancy till the baby is born. ‘Garbh Sanskar Yatra’ application which will makes you aware of facts, and guide you through all assumptions, myths, help you to sail through the taste of what to watch what to hear, and what to do during pregnancy period. Garbh Sanskar Yatra will ensure that your all three trimesters of pregnancy become a lifetime memorable journey of conceiving to delivering a baby.

  • Industry

    Health & Fitness

  • Location

    Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

  • Service(s) Provided

    App Design, Development and Content Strategy and Writing.

  • Date

    May 1, 2021


To make people aware of their best phase of life! Today’s parents have increasingly become alert and aware about their health, family planning, and future! Topics such as Why Garbh Sanskar?, Amazing facts about pregnancy, Necessary nutrients during pregnancy, Pregnancy Mood Swings, What mother womb teaches inside, the role of the family in Indian parenting, the role of mother and father in parenting, what to see, what to eat, what to speak and perform during pregnancy and many such elaborated topics and interactive exercises are included in the application. The core objective of carried out this application is to make it rich by content and visualization, people at large would be convinced to subscribe to it!


App type: Gaining Knowledge & Insights
Category: Health & Fitness
Age Rating: 18+
Languages: English, Hindi, and Gujarati
Technology: Ionic
Platform: Android


  • The concept itself was a big challenge
  • Content generation of over 10 Lacs words was the biggest challenge
  • Over 100 letters were written and recorded during the development
  • The concept of pregnancy care for both to be the mother and to be a father is challenging and never explored in India
  • Scalability and bandwidth of the content across
  • Performance of the content, the embedded content should be played smoothly and never make its user feel snarled!
  • The right choice of opting framework and platforms of development
  • Security of the application
  • Marketing and Advertisement of the app, how to make it popular as one of the biggest challenge!

Key Phases carried out:

  • Designing an Information Architecture (Wireframes)
  • Derive Content Strategy, Develop the best content for the Application
  • UI UX & Prototyping
  • Back End and Front End Development
  • QA & Testing
  • Live / Deployment


Without being superstitious or promoting wrong beliefs, Garbh Sanskar Yatra came out really well with back up of sound homework of content development, and 100% scientific approach with experts’ guidance and views included.

Garbh Sanskar Yatra has minutest details from conceiving the child to post-birth of a child! It has served as a friend, philosopher, and guide to all wannabe parents!

Business Impact:

  • Best customer experience
  • Customer Retention with a maximum subscription base
  • Penetration of GSY application in working couples in small and megacities
  • Smooth Interface elevates the image of the company as a brand
  • Highest conversion rate with the best word of mouth publicity from existing users / first-time users
  • Brand Reputation increased among the cutting edge advantage from fellow existing applications available in a similar line of communication
  • GSY has further benchmarked the brand perception with rich and authentic content about pregnancy science and touched issues related to both medical and social realms!

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