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Team Granth Provided A 360-degree Branding Solution To Khedutpay – An Ultramodern Initiative For Our Farmers And Helped Them Prosper In The Industry.

  • Industry

    IT - Agriculture

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  • Service(s) Provided

    Logo Design, Tagline, Website Design and Content, Anthem Song, Mascot

  • Date

    June 3, 2019

The Company

KhedutPay is a purpose-built and technology-based platform that is created for the welfare of our farmers. It is an online means that provides essential products to farmers. The unique startup of Gujarat offers a framework for our farmers that frees them from all the troubles that affect their work. It pushes our rural economy too.

The Overview

The idea of serving our farmers who work for us day and night is excellent and innovative as well. But, setting foot in the industry with such an all-embracing plan requires something extraordinary.

When Team KhedutPay got in touch with us, the company was looking for an agency that could render all their demands. Starting from an attractive logo, an engaging tagline, easy to understand website content, a heartfelt anthem song, and a classic mascot, they wanted it all to make a striking entry in the industry.

We knew how critical it was to craft each detail of KhedutPay to connect it with the market. After all, it was the matter of their first impression.


Here’s How We Took Care Of Everything

An Appealing Logo For A Newly-established Brand

Our designing team thoroughly knew about the brand and its noble cause. Hence, they came up with a unique idea, and soon, we had an elegant logo that could give the brand a distinct identity.

A Mascot That Perfectly Portrays Our Farmers

Next, we laid our hands on the mascot. For the mascot, we realized it had to be something that can represent our farmers very well, and someone that can be easily relatable. What we carved out was beyond expectations.

Website Design And Content, Because Through This, People Find You

We then created their website design and crafted content in a simple yet powerful way. We mainly crafted the content in the Gujarati language that can be easily deciphered by our farmers, but it is available in English too.

Anthem Song, As In Cherry On The Top

We finally went for a pleasant anthem song. This was a challenging task. We were looking for something that feels like coming straight from the hearts of our farmers, something that motivates them, defines their pain, their journey, and something that can reveal the change that was soon to come in their lives. Eventually, we cracked it.

Hard Work Surely Pays Off, And If It’s From The Heart, It Pays Off Well.

With all our creative strategies, KheduPay not only saw an impressive response from the industry but from our farmers as well. We were successful in giving the look, voice, and essence to the brand. Team KhedutPay was thrilled with the results.


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