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Knack Packaging

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Knack Packaging Pvt Ltd was struggling to find a reliable organization that can render exceptional content that lives up to its expectations. That’s when Granth opened the doors for fulfilling all their demands.

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    Product Descriptions

    Technical Content

    Website Design

    Corporate Portfolio

    Catalogue Design

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    June 3, 2019

The Company

Knack Packaging is a well-known name in the manufacturers and suppliers of the packaging industry. Their packaging solutions offer many alternatives like HDPE/PP Woven fabrics, HDPE/PP Woven Sacks/Bags & Multicolor Printed BOPP Laminated PP Woven Sacks/Bags, and much more. They also export these products worldwide.

The Overview

With more than two and a half decades in the industry, Knack Packaging has seen the constant transformation of the packaging industry and has grown simultaneously. 

As the company’s business expanded globally, they knew that they needed more accurate and visible content that reflects who they are and connects them with others. This was the time to give the right words to their journey, emotions, and values.

We had the chance to deliver something which their previously contacted agencies couldn’t. We got it loud and clear about what they were looking for, and it was indeed a mountain of expectations, but we were positive about doing it.


Here’s How We Took Care Of Everything

Knack Packaging has come a long way since 1993. Considering their reputation, we knew how to present them. We reaped an adaptable, dynamic, and strategic approach.

Going Through The Past

First, we performed a detailed report of their journey, work, struggles, success, people, and much more that helped us know them in a much better way. We were more focused on maintaining the core values on which the company was built. After discussing a lot of this and that, we finally decided on how to begin.

The Main Course - Content and Design

Now, it was the main part - Content. We started with the website content, leaving no stones left unturned. Be it their details, the industry they serve, or any other facts, we wrapped it all. We almost delivered 200 pages of content. 

Next, we gave them easy to understand product descriptions with all the precise information. We dealt with the technical content as well. 

After the content part, we designed their catalogue and corporate portfolio that earned much recognition. We also designed the website (

Relishing The Delicious Response

The strategic and creative path proved its importance and was very well-received. It connected with their audience, and the best part was that we got offers for a lot more work for the future.

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