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910, Shivalik Satyamev, Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380058

Narola Machines

Narola Machines desired for an influential and a potent brand image. They were looking for an expert branding agency to enhance their website and take it up a notch. That’s when Team Granth came into the play and rendered the best results.

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  • Location

    Surat, Gujarat, India

  • Service(s) Provided

    Web Pages Design, Product Merch Localization, Content Rewrite

  • Date

    June 3, 2019

The Company

Narola Machines is a manufacturing company providing high-end laser technology-based machinery for Diamond Processing and Industrial applications. Today, it is a leading supplier of custom-designed, created, and fully integrated machinery.

The company’s unique way of working, modern and innovative production facilities, top-class materials, and in-house R&D has helped them deliver faster and superior results.

The Overview

Narola Machines has a big vision and truly knows its position in the market. Even if you are in a business that usually runs offline, an online brand presence is an absolute prerequisite today. 

When Narola Machines found out that their website is causing them trouble, they knocked on our doors for their website redesign and content rewriting project. 

They were aware of the lack of SEO in their current website and its cost, which they were paying in the form of their potential customers.

Content rewriting and designing had already become our bread and butter. Hence, we had a basic idea in our brains as to where shall we start. We moved accordingly.


Here’s How We Took Care Of Everything

As we always say, before starting any project, the most crucial step is to know the client and its work in detail. From our specific research, we instantly recognized what was lacking.

First, The Decent Content
  • We used the reports that we concluded after analyzing their brand to craft a concise yet clear content. We made sure to use the relevant keywords in the text to help the brand rank higher.
  • For the lengthy descriptions, we edited the details and turned them into bullet points, which are easy to read, understand, and are also good looking.
Next, The Expressive Design
  • The designing part of their new website was pretty clear to us. The company wanted to loudly declare that they are the most reliable ones who can deliver top-notch machinery.
  • We decided to design something in a way that if anyone sees it, they would relish it and would realize that this company holds the potential to achieve what they promise.
  • Soon, we came up with an appealing and stylish design and a user-friendly website to draw new customers.

In addition to all this, we also provided them product translation in regional languages for the international markets they were aiming for.

The Results Talk About Our Wisdom

Narola Machines was fascinated with the newly designed web pages and suitable content.

Team Granth, on the other hand, was equally happy to satisfy the client’s needs. By applying our vast know-how, a company obtained a new refreshed version of itself. What else could be better than this? If such are the challenges, we are always ready for the surprise.

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