Ocean 32 – A Dentofacial Hub

Ocean 32 is a multi-speciality dental clinic providing patients with the highest standard of oral treatment. Founded by Dr Kenil Lathia, the first Micro Endodontist in Surat, the clinic features in the topmost dental clinics in Surat, Gujarat. The clinic provides specialized treatment in Restorative Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry and root canal etc.


Despite being equipped with the latest dental technology and having one of the finest dentists in the city, Ocean 32 clinic remained unnoticed among the public. Along with it, the clinic was lacking the online presence as well.


The clinic was equipped with superlative dental infrastructure but failing to reach the potential customers. Also, the brand was overlooked by the target audience. So, there was ample scope for us to rebrand Ocean 32 and the name associated with it.

The Process


Content To Connect

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