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910, Shivalik Satyamev, Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380058

Ocean 32 – A Dentofacial Hub

Ocean 32 is a multi-speciality dental clinic providing patients with the highest standard of oral treatment. Founded by Dr Kenil Lathia, the first Micro Endodontist in Surat, the clinic features in the topmost dental clinics in Surat, Gujarat. The clinic provides specialized treatment in Restorative Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry and root canal etc. 

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    Website + Social Media

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    February 19, 2019


Despite being equipped with the latest dental technology and having one of the finest dentists in the city, Ocean 32 clinic remained unnoticed among the public. Along with it, the clinic was lacking the online presence as well. 


The clinic was equipped with superlative dental infrastructure but failing to reach the potential customers. Also, the brand was overlooked by the target audience. So, there was ample scope for us to rebrand Ocean 32 and the name associated with it. 

The Process


One can never figure out the real problem if he/she resists going to the root cause. We understand this phenomenon and thus always prefer a high degree of research before providing any solution to the client. So, we tried to find out the root cause first and then moved to execute our strategies. 

The strategy 

Our strategy was to offer the brand the best form of branding. So we decided to go for both online and offline promotions. 


  • Starting with shaping up the new identity, we made a creative logo for Ocean 32. 
  • We wanted to solidify the presence of the brand, so we created an impressive website. 
  • We put relevant content on the website and tried to keep it easy and more understandable. 
  • We handled the social media part and run different campaigns to enhance the reach. 
  • We have written articles and made some videos as well. 
  • Coming on to the offline part, we designed attractive and detailed brochures. 
  • In addition to it we made banners and standees for the outdoor mix. 
  • We also provided creative stationaries along with invitations and visiting cards. 
  • Most important part was the clinic designing, which we did extraordinarily. 
  • We have created such an ambience with creative props that patients and accompanying members could feel relaxed without worrying much about the problem they are coming with. 


The outcome was overwhelming. Within a few days of executing our strategy, there was a remarkable growth in footprints to the clinic. Now, Ocean 32 was gaining the desired attention and patients were coming in good numbers. It is worth mentioning that Team Granth’s strategy brought forward Dr Kenil Lathia’s name among the most trusted dentists in the city. This was exactly what we needed.

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