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Plasma Induction

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The corporate anthem of Plasma Induction that was pieced together and decorated by Team Granth brought melodies to the company in the form of impressed stakeholders and intrigued national and international clients.

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    Corporate Anthem

    Corporate Profile and Video Content

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    June 3, 2019

The Company

Plasma Induction is a prominent name in the manufacturers of Induction Heating and Melting Equipment and offers total induction solutions. With the in-depth knowledge and guidance of the experts, the company is today a rising star in India as well as in global markets.

The Overview

With over 10+ years of experience, 160+ team members, and 98% satisfied customers, Plasma Induction is blooming in its domain and has a unique vision for the future. 

When Team Plasma came up to us, they were looking for a plan that can help them connect with their stakeholders in a simple yet striking way. They wanted through-the-line creativity that can represent the company and give it a lift. Team Granth was presented with the challenge of finding a solution that would bind its employees into a single thread. 

We are immensely happy with the tasks we have concluded so far, but, to let a brand accomplish something fresh in a saturated market and highlight their name, we took our creative path to the next level. 

We started hunting for an out of the box idea. After a little brainstorming, we came up with the concept of a corporate anthem that would bring the Plasma team together, boost their spirit, and compel the target audience.


Here’s How We Took Care Of Everything

The Fact-finding Process

To start with, we thoroughly examined the company's business and its approach. It gave us a better insight into the company, and we became more clear on how to interpret the company.

Outpouring Our Talent Through Writing

After acquiring the information we were ready for 'Let's get it on.' Shortly, we finished the lyrics part and connected with a music composer to add a distinct flavour to the song.

Within a week, Team Granth developed a corporate anthem to encourage the Plasma Induction team and showcase their strength to the market.

Set The Ball Rolling

They officially launched the song on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi in the company's plant, and the response was pretty magnificent. In addition to this, we crafted content for their corporate video and profile for their affiliated companies.

The Tunes Did Their Work

The impact of the corporate anthem was prompt and fulfilling, and the whole team was surprised by its richness. Above all, the company was successful in conveying its message to the stakeholders. When they played the anthem at their corporate events, it gained the attention of multiple national and international clients and helped them connect.

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