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Plutomen Technologies

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Team Granth Helped Plutomen Technologies To Gain Effective Brand Communication With Their B2B Stakeholders through its Content Marketing Strategies. This plan raised the website traffic 1.5 times than the usual.

  • Industry

    IT - AR/VR

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  • Service(s) Provided

    Content Strategies

    SEO Friendly Articles

    Technical Blogs

  • Date

    June 3, 2019

The Company

Plutomen Technologies is a renowned technology partner in developing interactive, appealing, and immersive Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions. The company is a perfect blend of innovation, technology expertise, and creativity. Since its beginning, they have worked with some of the most valued and influential market leaders and noted a strong presence among its other rivals.

The Overview

Plutomen Technologies was putting their best foot forward in working, but, as they say, to flaunt in such a competitive industry, you must go above and beyond. That’s where the company was facing barriers. They were barely noticeable among its B2B stakeholders, which was affecting their goals and objectives as well.

They anyhow wanted to reach their target audience and pitch their services to the market giants. We grabbed this opportunity to provide Plutomen Technologies the solution they needed. Our reply to all their dilemmas was a suitable content marketing strategy.

Here’s How We Took Care Of Everything

In recent times, content and engagement are going parallel when it comes to fascinating the B2B stakeholders. It means, if you publish a clear-cut content, the leads will surely follow. This became our master plan – to reach the supreme audience with the supreme content.

In-Depth Knowledge Leads To Innovative Ideas

To reach our goal, we tightly researched and analyzed the obstacles which were in the way to reach the right audience. As soon as we got the required knowledge, compelling ideas started popping up in our creative minds.

Innovative Ideas Lead To Exceptional Execution

The execution phase came about in many ways

Fresh content: 

We provided intact and optimized content to our client.  

SEO friendly Writings: 

We penned SEO-friendly articles to cater to the client’s needs.  

Technical Blogs:

Dealing with technical topics demands relevant knowledge and research. Our detailed study of their sector came in handy here, and we scribbled some interesting technical blogs.


We incorporated hyperlinks to make the content more transparent.  

Hero Images and analytics:

We produced relevant Hero images and used content analytics to provide the content with the utmost clarity.  


We even created Trivia for a complete and better understanding of topics related to content.

Effective brand story:

We showcased the brand story in a way that would help Plutomen Technologies to make a powerful impact during their pitches.

Exceptional Execution Brings Best Outcomes

After integrating Granth’s strategic approach, the company got a glorious outcome.

  • Website traffic grew almost 1.5 times.
  • ‘Plutomen Technologies’ got featured in a report published by Clutch, a renowned B2B research and reviews agency that keeps an eye on leading businesses in India. 
  • The company earned a 4th position in the sub-listing of the country’s best virtual reality companies.

Plutomen Technologies embraced this new path. That is our real achievement that brings a smile on our client’s face.

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