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Prarambh Retail

Team Granth gave voice to the products of Prarambh Store through its SEO product descriptions. Soon the website traffic increased dramatically, and the brand secured a noteworthy site ranking position.

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    Product Descriptions

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    June 3, 2019

The Company

Prarambh is a retail store that focuses on the needs of aged people and provides products that enhance their quality of life. This e-commerce platform offers various products to older people with a proper shopping experience even while resting in their houses. They aim to provide top-notch products throughout the country with the best prices available.

In addition to this, Prarambh Group has also commenced two more initiatives

  • A senior lifestyle retirement township with amenities customized as per the senior citizens’ needs.
  • Prarambh Utsav, a membership program to allot quality entertainment to senior citizens.

The Overview

Prarambh is not just an online store but a trustworthy partner for the ease and comfort of all senior citizens.

For any e-commerce website, the product description is the most critical factor for the following four reasons.

  • To give in-depth information about the product to customers
  • To build the trust of shoppers
  • To obtain enough website traffic
  • To turn site visitors into buyers

Hence, a good product description is quite essential to get the desired market position. But, this was not the case with the Prarambh Store. Even though all the top brands were embodied on the Prarambh eStore, its conversion rate was dropping. They understood that they needed apt product descriptions for their website.

Hence, Team Prarambh reached out to us to expand their online reach by writing explicit and bespoke product descriptions.


Here’s How We Took Care Of Everything

Divide And Begin For Good
  • Firstly, we built a team for product description writing.
  • For the starters, we went over the product description on Prarambh's website to find out what was lacking.
Writing Descriptions That Can Do Wonders
  • After this, we categorized the descriptions into two categories, one that needed to be slightly edited and the one that needed to be entirely re-written.
  • Next, we began writing SEO-focused product descriptions. We researched the exact keywords to get a higher site rank and combined them with our descriptions. This could not have been possible without our research team, who provided us all the data we requested.
  • We inscribed accurate product descriptions in a concise yet informative way, which can easily explain the top to bottom of all the products.

Our Actions Converted Many Site Visitors Into Leads

As soon as we submitted the project, the new product descriptions were updated on the Prarambh’s website. In no time, its page rank boosted. Adjacent to this, there was a dire growth in the website traffic and visitor’s conversion rate.

The Prarambh group was thrilled with this unique style of narrations we presented to them. A Happy Client’s face – what else do we need?

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