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910, Shivalik Satyamev, Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380058

PV Industries

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    Renewable Energy

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    May 15, 2019

Problem Statement

PV Industries is a dominant name in the renewable energy sector and provides a diverse range of solar energy equipment. With their keen knowledge of the Indian Solar Energy Industry and vast contacts of reputable and trustworthy industry leaders, PV Industries works towards proffering skillful and experienced services.

In today’s scenario, clean source energy like solar energy is a boon to humanity. PV Industries was rendering this boon to the commercial as well as residential areas. We were super excited to be an accomplice of such a company. Any firm, at a point of time, needs to make a lasting impact in the industry to help the customers understand their services in a growth-seeking way.

Project Outcome

We handled the social media of the company and ran several campaigns to magnify their expertise. Moreover, we created an engaging brochure with a robust design to help them creatively pitch the clients. 

As always, the company was flattered with the outcome, which increased its reach to the clients. Once again, Team Granth proved their skills of creativity and, most importantly, the strength of working together as a team.

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