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910, Shivalik Satyamev, Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380058

Rootsberry Concept

  • Industry

    Beauty and Welness

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  • Service(s) Provided

    Vernacular Lang. tr.

  • Date

    May 13, 2020

Problem Statement 

Rootsberry Concept is a superior Lifestyle and wellness company with a large variety of products for the herbal cosmetics, wellness products, and natural food channel. They provide authentic and nutritional products that fulfill customers’ expectations of wellness, taste, health, and satisfaction. 

The translation is a crucial factor to gain effective communication among different cultures and spread ideas over the globe. That is what the company was looking for when they reached out to us. For publishing new information, translations can break the norms and change history. They wanted translation services for their catalogue in English as well as the Hindi language. 

Project Outcome 

With our excellent linguistic skills, we helped them translate their content in a way that the original spirit of the translation was preserved. 

The whole team of Rootsberry Concept praised our work. Our efforts were immensely valued and adored. The complete experience of working on this project was splendid.

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