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910 Shivalik Satyamev, Gujarat 380058

Santosh Group

Santosh Group is one of the leading super-speciality starch manufacturers in the country. Based out at India’s manufacturing capital, the brand exports its products to almost 44 countries. With a staggering capacity of near about 100000 MTPA, it is undoubtedly one of the key players in the industry. Most importantly, the brand is dedicatedly focusing on its CSR activities and environment-friendly measures with utmost sincerity. 

  • Industry

    Manufacturing Industry

  • Location


  • Service(s) Provided

    Web content + Corporate Video Script + Corporate Brochure

  • Date

    July 13, 2019


The company was flourishing day by day but was struggling with the content strategy. Though, the company previously opted content related services from 2 different agencies but was not satisfied with the outcome. They were raising content related queries on different platforms and one such query knocked on our doors as well.


Since the real requirement was content, sorry we mean exceptional content, it was an opportunity to showcase our strength in the field of content generation. Just like the famous dialogue in an all-time superhit film – ‘Mumbai ka King Kaun?’, we asserted in our minds ‘Content ka king Kaun?’ and the rest is history. We proved our mettle and bagged the contract for 3 years.

The Process


An open mind always brings better things on the plate but when it is accompanied with thorough research and analysis, it serves the best. As we understand this phenomenon, we opted to research for the brand in the first place.

The strategy 

Our strategy was straight and simple. Don’t feed the brand with irrelevant and unwanted content. Just go for the best content which would help the company to make a clear brand statement meanwhile strengthening its position in the market.


  • We began with creating the website content.
  • We drafted a highly creative script for their corporate video.
  • We have written speeches for upper-level management.
  • We made a powerful corporate profile.
  • We provided exceptional content for their corporate presentation. 


The outcome was phenomenal. The brand succeeded in conveying the right message with a strong brand statement and made its presence even larger than what it was expecting. On the other hand, we once again proved our strength and potential in the field of content generation. 

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