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Shades & Shapes


With the advent of the current slowdown in world economic growth, the Interior Design industry has also suffered a specific impact. Still, it is expected to maintain a relatively optimistic growth in the forecast period. The interior designing services market involves consulting and designing services provided to clients in various sectors to design the client’s working environment.
Construction activities across the world, improvements in the standard of living, and rising incomes of the population are factors driving the market. The increasing trend of construction in developed economies such as India is likely to increase the demand for interior design services.
Consumer experience and leisure activities are changing in the current scenario across the globe. As people are getting rich, they are buying new homes or renovating the existing space, Interior designers and architectures are innovative and are influencing the designs in the market. There is a growing trend of customization and personalization in the market for Kitchen, bath spaces. Shades & Shapes too had started humbly with a small team, but in an ever-growing market of Gujarat and India, it had flown off to such height that it has got reputed Govt. projects execution as well.

  • Industry

    Real Estate

  • Location

    Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

  • Service(s) Provided

    360 Branding

  • Date

    December 18, 2020


We shortlisted all of our goals for the project. Our main goal was to explain in a clear and appealing manner what Shades & Shapes does for existing and potential clients in a way that engages them to contact S&S and go to them with clear-cut preferences. Some secondary goals were:

  • Handling their both brands Shades & Shapes and Rhombic Designs
  • Build their Website, and maintain lower drop-off rate on Website
  • Capture some customer data
  • Clarify the brand’s message
  • Development of dynamic and responsive website
  • Efficient Social Media Management
  • Crucial collateral design and development
  • provide decision-making assistance and become an information influencer

Brand Statement

S&S is dedicated to adding life to every corner of your home or workspace, we believe in nurturing your emotions and passion while designing your space.

Branding Methodology which we used:

  • Short animated Video Spots and Elaborate Galleries Showing the Completed Designs with Clients Discussing Their Services;
  • Attractive Design Presentations with High-Quality Photos;
  • Targeting of Group’s Appropriate Messages;
  • Quizzes for Picking Styles;
  • Big Bold Typography, Less Text, and More Visuals
  • Engaging Campaigns in and around family time, working professionals to showcase their ‘Happy Life’ led by interior designing

Key Activities

  • Brochure Designs
  • Stationery Designs and Mockup Presentation
  • Website Design and Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Creation (Blogs, Case Studies, Digital Cards)

Key TG for the brand

  • Architects and Interior Designers
  • Real Estate Players & Contractors
  • End Consumers

Social Media Management

Each post makes you want to know more about Shades & Shapes. There are a lot of people (including me) who take photos of their interior and put them on social media to showcase. S&S isn’t afraid to be fun and creative with different elements. Do you, or could you, have a bit more insights into your brand?

Here are some ideas for having fun with your brand:

Are you on different social media channels? If you’re B2B you might not think that Instagram is for you, but it can be a great way to demonstrate your brand values by telling a story. FedEx is a great example of this, showing images of their trucks always on the move. This tells a story that they are always delivering and that is the key message we take away.
Key influencers/bloggers can be a great way to different types of content and to see how they have fun with your brand (if this is new to you, read our post on the rise of the social media influencer).
Instead of posting behind-the-scenes photos at your head office, can you encourage your followers to share their experiences with your brand? Maybe host an event or go out and meet them.


The team determined that one of the biggest areas of opportunity for this interior design solutions brand was the expression of the value proposition — there was no differentiation messaging clearly explaining why they are superior to other interior designing solution brands.

For example, it was hard to understand the actual service X-Factors from a differentiation standpoint on the homepage. A dedicated process page of the methodology of working had some good information, but it was not being seen by most visitors and could be improved and leveraged on the homepage.

On the redesigned, optimized website, the team sought to better articulate differentiated value.


The designer prepared a set of templates for company documents, including business cards, letterhead, and envelopes, that reflect the brand identity in an elegant, non-distracting way. It enabled to stretch the design solutions of logo design for the landscape company and give them flexible ways of usage for different business purposes.
Moreover, we had created the new age of Digital cards to transform business solutions in the most efficient way!

Business Impact:

What Granth did for the brand Shades & Shapes resulted in manifold Business Impacts!

  • Discussion about the brand in its TG
  • Increase in Business Value with its roots firmed in the market
  • Eye Catching and Impactful advertising of the brand
  • Growth of substantial Employers Branding to grow company not only for customers but also for the employees
  • Animated Videos and shades of colors in marketing collaterals had created altogether a different impact

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