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910, Shivalik Satyamev, Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380058

Shardul Shishu Vihar

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    Conceptual Brochure

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    June 30, 2019

Problem Statement

Shardul Shishu Vihar is an education system that offers a traditional way of teaching. It focuses on all the conventional methods for the child’s overall development process. As we say, proper education can lead you to a better future; they aim to be the savior of humanity from prevailing global problems with their knowledgeable and mother hearted teachers. 

Project Outcome

In this modern-day schooling era, Shardul Shishu Vihar desired to reveal their unique study process for the betterment of the youth and the world. For that, they required a conceptual brochure to make people understand its in-depth details, and realize its importance. 

With the coordination of our content and design teams, we gave them an authentic brochure. After receiving the on-point brochure content with relevant design, they were satisfied as we met their expectations.

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