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910, Shivalik Satyamev, Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380058

Tarang Innovative Solutions LLP

Tarang Innovative Solutions LLP is among the fastest-growing electric vehicle manufacturers in the country, especially in the electric bicycles segment. Company’s products are slowly becoming the talk of the town due to their eco friendly nature and attractive design. Keeping in mind the vision of pollution-free society and world, the company is emphasizing to make larger footprints in the sector. 

  • Industry

    Automobile (Electric Vehicles)

  • Location


  • Service(s) Provided

    Logo + Corporate Profile + Brochure + Stall Design + Website

  • Date

    March 8, 2019


Although the company’s intention was clear to take innovative measures to curb the problem of pollution but was struggling to make an impact in the market. Also, they were clueless about their branding and promotion strategies before their launch. 


Tarang Innovative Solutions LLP was struggling to find the right place in the market and this is where we have seen the actual potential. Since we were confident about the potential aspects of the company and the related industry, we happily associated ourselves with the brand. 

The Process


As we all know that a perfect strategy always needs the backing of strong research and analysis. So, we inculcated this habit in our DNA and perfectly aligning with it. In the case of Tarang Innovative Solutions LLP, we did the same. We made sure that every aspect of research related to the company and industry must be covered with utmost sincerity. 

The strategy 

Since the brand required a perfect launch, we dedicatedly worked on all the possibilities and created a viable mix of promotion strategy. 


  • We started with making a logo for the brand which would signify the brand’s vision. 
  • After finalizing the logo, we tried to push the brand through online channels. We earnestly put our focus on social media to create buzz, the brand needed. 
  • Going on to offline promotions, we opted for creative merchandising and other important things like letterheads, visiting cards etc. 
  • Since, we wanted to make the brand presentable in the market; we made an impressive Corporate Profile of the brand. This helped us to showcase the brand more adequately. 
  • We also designed an innovative invitation card for the launch event. 
  • Most importantly, we designed a website and loaded it with creative content, which helped to make its online presence more authentic and viable. 
  • Along with it, we provided the brand with some other branding related help which was appreciated by the client. 


It was amazing to see the brand getting the much-desired attention and the grand launch about which the company was unsure a few days back. Our association with the brand proved to be a fruitful deal for both of us. Their aspirations were fulfilled and our true expertise was showcased. This was a clear win-win situation for both of us.

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