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Vagad’s Khadi

Everyday Herbal boosted its sales and made a remarkable influence on the market with Granth’s product marketing and content marketing strategies.

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    Social Media Creatives, Product Descriptions, Product Packaging Design, User Guide Content and its Translation

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    June 3, 2019

The Company

Everyday Herbal is one of the superior and notable manufacturers of Personal Care products like Shampoo, Hair Oil, Soaps, Lotions, Scrubs & Packs, etc. The most significant aspect of them is that they provide customized formulations to the customers as per their needs and specifications. Besides, they are also a leading exporter of their products in many European and Asian Countries.

The Overview

Everyday Herbal believes in healthy living, and this is implied in their products. They continually urge us to use safe, efficient, and healthy products. The company was making outstanding products and pledged to give us the best of nature by using the latest scientific research.

Although the brand was fulfilling its expectations to some level, it lacked potential in its product marketing strategy.

Also, the online presence was barely noticeable, which was hindering the growth of the company. Since the company was struggling to reach a vast audience, we commenced working on their requests.


Here’s How We Took Care Of Everything

In an attempt to create a mesmeric campaign, we brought our team together for the best outcome. We were very precise about real needs, so we linked the strategy accordingly.


First, Digging The Overall Information
  • We began with thorough research and analysis of the company, its business model, and the potential to get in-depth insight. All these details played a vital role in devising a strategy to present the brand.
  • We chose to go ahead without ruining the essence of the actual business model. The model was majorly based on the village, its people, and most importantly, the women who were the indispensable part of the company's business.
Showing The Expertise Of Our Content Crafting And Designing
  • We started with the social media creatives to expand the online presence of the brand. 
  • Next, we took on the product packaging and enhanced the overall look and feel of products.
  • We prepared the user guide content and translated it into more than ten languages.
  • Delivering precise and clear product descriptions was also a part of our plan. We preferred regional languages to reach the audience and formed the content accordingly.

We Witnessed Positive Improvements

Our words and the designing part helped us bring our whole concept to life. After applying our strategies, their website worked as an entirely new and a well-developed platform.

We got a phenomenal response from the company and its higher authorities. Above all, the brand garnered a deserved position in the market and enabled itself as a known name. On the other hand, our primary goal of exhilarating the brand’s online presence was also met.

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