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WOGOM connected with Granth to create an extraordinary corporate profile emphasizing their sole approach towards the market, retailers, and manufacturers. This resulted in a successful demonstration of the company to its B2B community.

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    IT - Manufacturing

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    Corporate Profile

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    June 3, 2019

The Company

WOGOM (World’s Goods Marketplace) is a digital marketplace, or we can say cloud-based e-platform for retailers and manufacturers. The brand connects international, national, regional, and private brands to retailers and manufacturers.

They provide a ready-made infrastructure that gives access to various retailers around the world without any significant investments and risks and fewer legal compliances. It is a merging of online & offline means to boost domestic businesses with the help of a cooperative model.

The Overview

Team Granth already had a privilege to work with the CEO of WOGOM, Mr. Nirav Patel, who is also the Managing Director of ABAJ Electronics.

The man had a strong faith in Granth and the marvels we can do. When WOGOM came up to us, we fully understood this one of a kind business model.

The idea was to give access to multiple retailers, and thus growing presence across the market and making the products readily available to consumers. 

We really loved the idea. But, ideas like this needed to make a striking impact in such a rivalry market. As a business-to-business sector, WOGOM desired to pitch all range of retailers and manufacturers, be it a small trader or a big business giant.


Here’s How We Took Care Of Everything

Since their business idea was something unique, helping the audience to know their business model and then hitting the right audience was their ticket to success. Our job was to prepare a corporate profile that could speak words for the brand.

Begin With The Foundation Brick - Content
  • We drafted premium content for the profile that can drive a pool of audience. We assured that our content reflected the brand values and the precisely developed business idea.
  • We tried to speak to the audience in a way that revealed how WOGOM could solve their particular problems, and made a point in a way they can quickly agree on.
The Designing Part Gave The Profile A “Granth Touch”
  • After highlighting the concept of the brand through content, we went on for the designing part.
  • For add ons, we incorporated some graphs for the future elevation of the company and structure of their business model to talk openly and in detail about the brand.
  • Our immersive design was such that it carried the readers, uncovered the 'WOGOM Approach', and told the brand story in a better way.

The Granth Strategy Always Engages New Faces

Team WOGOM was overwhelmed after seeing such a vivid and well-designed profile. 

The ultimate benefit of WOGOM was that the corporate profile that we created helped them build trust among the retailers, manufacturers as well as customers. They also revealed how it was much more comfortable to pitch the audience after presenting the corporate profile.

Most importantly, we were able to meet their expectations, which was the real jackpot for us.


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