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What is Consumer Journey Mapping and Why it is Important In 2022?

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What is Consumer Journey Mapping and Why it is Important In 2022?

Activa, Pleasure, Access 125, Jupiter, TVS, Maestro, and therefore the list goes on. Few names are such we can’t even remember although we rack our brain. But, one name instantly comes into mind while talking about this particular range of vehicles, whichis Activa. Roads are overflowed by these vehicles and why is that? The solution to “Why Consumer Journey Mapping is important” is hidden here. 

This particular brand has become a member of our house because it’s understood our needs, thoughts, and feelings and the way they do is through Consumer Journey Mapping. 

What is Customer Journey & Customer Journey Mapping? 

Consumer Journey starts before an individual decides to be your consumer. It starts from some extent where a customer’s eye considers your name and ends at some extent where he comments on your product after using it. 

This journey train travels over several stations like Promotion, Recognition, Charisma, Exploration, Evaluation, decision & Shop. 

  • Promotion– this is often the primary stage where a private confronts together with your brand’s existence. This will happen anywhere from seeing a hoarding on the road to return across your social media profile. Simply, he takes a look at your advertisement somehow. 
  • Recognition– this is often a thinking process of an opportunity where he allows you to step into his mind. 
  • Charisma– After your efforts to attach with a prospective purchaser through emails or social networks or the other medium of the web community, the potential customer comes under the aura of your product knowingly or unknowingly. 
  • Exploration– Here, the intended purchaser thinks of accepting your brand to be the provider of what he wants. And he starts to look and delve into your website or the other source. 
  • Evaluation– this is often a process of gauging your trustworthiness. This will be done by viewing reviews & feedback from your current customers. 
  • Decision– Eventually, the customer exercises his choice and makes a variety of your brand among a bunch of options available. 
  • Shop– and eventually, the person loosens his pocket to shop for your product and becomes a customer from a prospective customer.

You can map your customer’s journey during a structural format by using the below-given Customer Journey Map Template. Want to look at more Customer Journey Map Templates?  

This is a strong instrument to place together with the experiences and impressions of your customers during a picture. 

A potential buyer can connect with you at any Point of Contact. After achieving it, the challenge is to form the potential customer to complete all the stages of his journey and reach the destination which is shopping. 

A consumer may step out from this train at any of the stations. Here, Customer Journey Management helps you to spot such leaving points and make or change your plan of action accordingly. 

While preparing an experience map of a consumer, attempt to identify- 

  1. The Points of Contact where he connects with you. 
  2. The factors of motivation that inspired him to hold on and make it to the top. 
  3. If he doesn’t continue, which are the points where he decides to not continue the journey. 
  4. Determine the factors liable for a consumer not trying his hand at your product.

The findings are useless until being analyzed. For this purpose, Customer Journey Management & Customer Journey Analytics can assist you to possess a transparent view of the position. 

Why Customer Journey Mapping is vital? 

Only follow-ups, feedback, and reviews, or the customer support mechanism like 24*7 helplines, emails or call centers aren’t enough to read the brain of a consumer. To know consumer behavior, you would like to ascertain what a consumer sees and feels. 

Consumer Experience Maps followed by Customer Journey Analytics allow you to seem at the items from the consumer’s glasses. 

User Journey Mapping benefits you within the following ways:

  • It plays the role of a detective who uncovers the hidden truths for you. 
  • It allows you to enter the consumer’s bag of bones and travel across his world of feelings & emotions.
  • It helps you choose or change your audience. 
  • It facilitates you with how to supply solutions for consumer’s problems together with your products. 
  • As it shows you the purpose of leaving, you’ll hit your efforts at that time to motivate the prospect to continue rather than leaving. 
  • It helps in identifying and filling the intervals which were hidden from your eyesight. 
  • It results in a rise in the number of invoices generated in your sales division.

To give a final touch to our understanding, let’s have a glance at a User Journey Map of the number one online shopping site Amazon.

Here, Amazon has focused on two major areas of consumer behavior: 1. Find & 2. Buy 

  1. The purchasers who find and need Amazon products but haven’t bought them are the potential customers. 
  2. Others who get the products and even retain. 

But afterward, once they become inactive, Amazon takes the assistance of retargeting ads and tries to Re-Engage them. 

Another winning brand is Uber. Uber’s mapping goes through phases like Consumer’s Decision – Pre-ride Communication – Meet – Communicating Needs – Get into Ride – Reach to Destination & Give Ratings. 
Mapping a consumer’s journey makes your journey towards your ambition easier. By satisfying the consumer’s goal which is his needs & wants, you’ll accomplish your goal which is to be a pacesetter within the market. So, let’s replace KYC (Know Your Customer) with KYC (Know Your Customer’s Journey).

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