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Crafting content

with context is what we live for

We are a bunch of creative folks striving to deliver nothing but the highest quality content to our select clientele.

Speaking from our wealth of experience, we’ve noticed how most “Creative Agencies” today are willing to offer almost every service under the sun – content creation, graphic design, software development, digital marketing, and what have you – as long as they can charge a hefty sum.

The problem with this “Jack of all trades, Master of none” approach is that the quality of work suffers. As the agency does not specialize in any specific vocation, the end result is mediocre and fails to drive appreciable business growth.

Enter Granth – a creative branding & advertising agency with the sole focus of transforming your business into a distinguished brand via content. We swear by an inbound approach to branding wherein everything we do is content-centric. And guess what?

Our Story

The journey started back in 2016 when a profound thought struck our captain’s mind. Being a content writer himself, he dreamt of building an ardent squad who aspired to pen down their creativity. With an idea of living his dream of writing and foresight of lending his creativity to help brands realize their dreams, Granth came into existence! It was only a matter of a few years and the captain’s boat turned into the majestic Black Pearl of the ocean!

A few words from our captain

Just like the stars in the sky, we are operative in all spheres necessary to enhance the online presence of a brand. From budding startups to well-established firms, we render our top-notch services to all organizations.

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