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Top ten effective lead generation strategies in 2022

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Top ten effective lead generation strategies in 2022

A lead is always a step away from turning into a client. But that one right step is vital to grab their attention and provide a valuable solution to their problems.
Generating quality leads is the heart of any marketing strategy, and establishing a proper pipeline ensures steady growth. You must have often searched for ways to generate leads from your website.
A report from HubSpot shows that 61% of marketers consider generating leads and traffic as the biggest challenge.

Here are some of the lead generation strategies that we have compiled for you:

Focus on gated content

gated content
Resource: Kuno Creative

Tried and tested for a decade gated content provides valuable information in exchange for customer details. A customer fills a form to purchase any white paper content or articles he is looking to buy. This will help in identifying and channeling prospects and will also help you create lead generation strategies for platforms such as Linkedin.

Product video content

product video content
Resource: 50Wheels

Raw and original content becomes an important part of a successful lead generation strategy.
As people are spending more time on the Internet, product videos have become an important part of any business digital marketing strategy.
Creating a visual video is better than written content as people tend to spend more time on videos. As our goal is to generate leads, we will include a call to action at the end of the video. For example, on Facebook, lead generation is done by putting such videos.

Letting people ask questions and redirect them to the respective product page for purchase. Most of the lead generation on Instagram is done through product video content. Experts have predicted that by 2022, 82% of all internet traffic would be video content. (Global_2022_Forecast_Highlights.pdf (cisco.com))

Content Marketing & SEO

content marketing and seo
Resource: Alexa Blog

Content marketing and SEO become obvious answers when the question is about lead generation from the website. But getting them rightly done can be tricky. The right content is crucial for your business. Engaging your audience with the right content should be one of your high-priority targets if lead generation is the end goal that you seek. Data shows that content marketing generates three times more leads than outbound marketing and that also at half cost. Hence 80% of B2B companies use content marketing for lead generation.

Custom E-mail marketing

custom e mail marketing
Resource: Whiz Solutions

Receiving an unwanting e-mail is annoying, hence the concept of personalized mailing. A small gesture such as adding the recipient’s name can go a long way in making a connection. Research shows that 42% of companies consider e-mail to be an essential part of lead generation. Some ways to customize e-mails are sending automated replies on sign-ups, personalizing subject lines, optimizing e-mail for mobile, and more. A study shows that E-mail sent at 1 PM get the best results.

Paid advertisement

An average online user sees around 5,000 ads a day, but it is still one of the best ways to generate leads from social media. Lead generation on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn is mostly done by posting paid ads across based on your in-market preferences and interest. Also, these platforms can be used differently depending upon the products. If it’s a technological product, then LinkedIn is the platform to be used. And for cosmetic, health, and fitness products, Facebook and Instagram are preferred.

Optimizing web pages

web page optimization
Resource: VWO

Your website plays an essential role in your lead generation strategy. Hence it is vital to develop it such that it is technically and aesthetically sound.
Some website performance parameters such as loading timers, bounce rate, and others are to be maintained to optimum levels. A website design plays a critical role in affecting them. If they are not maintained then the site will lose its visitors and prospects. Thus, using quality images, relevant and updated content is vital for your website.

Optimize long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords have more than three words and are very specific with a low search volume. The trick is in targeting the right long-tail keyword that will result in high purchase intent and ultimately increase sales with minimal SEO effort.

Run campaigns on Competitor keywords.

Tracking your competitor is the first step to know how well they are doing. Hence if your competitor’s site is backlinked to a specific group with a noticeable set of keywords, it is highly probable that your competitor has found lead-generating keywords.
By using SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, you can target keywords that drive more visitors and sales to your site. Also, before you spend money, try to run a small paid campaign to see if it attracts and converts your leads.

Webinar helps

Resource: Zoom Blog

Marketers and sales managers always count on a webinar when it comes to lead generation. Webinars single-handedly cater to multiple aspects of lead generation. They act as a platform for interaction with leads as well as generating sales.

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Use podcasts in your pipeline

Resource: OptinMonster

A few years back, the podcast was not popular. But after the lockdown, people have started listening to good podcasts. They helped in building an audience with high purchase intent. It doesn’t mean you should create one, instead, find shows that your prospects and potential buyers listen to and look for promotion opportunities in them. You can also sponsor a podcast to promote your product or services.

Combining e-mail marketing and social media

sm and em
Resource: MailerLite

You may have a different set of audiences from both e-mail and social media platforms. If you cannot get a response on one platform, you should not hesitate to approach the other. This helps you in growing your audience. You can deploy commonly used methods such as a subscribe link or share button. It is important to engage your followers with your products.

Plan and strategize using analytics

Sometimes the conversion rate is less even if you have many visitors and to find why analytics are used.
It helps you to bridge the gap. Your CRM software can help you design the right strategy by identifying the aspects that you need to revamp for effective lead generation.

Ending note:

Lead generation is not complex if the right strategies are put into action. Implement the above methods, and notice improvement.

Let your brand touch the sky of success

Be prepared to wait a while until your efforts pay off. But if you create the right SEO strategy, you are going to move up the rankings and gain more traffic. We love to do that on your behalf, Brand Bucket is there, to begin with.

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