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Engaging Exhibition Kiosks- Make it Most Crowded Stall in Trade Show (2022)

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Engaging Exhibition Kiosks- Make it Most Crowded Stall in Trade Show (2022)

The global B2B trade show market was valued at 34.4 Billion U.S. Dollars in 2019, and it is expected to cross 40 Billion by 2023, according to statista.com.

Sounds interesting, right? This figure indicates that it’s worth investing to participate in a trade show.

A trade show is a crowded place with hundreds of stalls and thousands of visitors. Therefore, it is the most arduous question, how to make lots of legs move towards your stall? Don’t be stressed, just scroll down for the solution.

A captivating exhibition stall includes following features or tools:

  • Appealing Stall Design
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Eye-catcher displays
  • Offer Posters
  • Audio-visual apparatus
  • Eccentric marketing collaterals
  • Display of products/services
  • A Help Desk
  • Well-Designed Floor
  • Exhibition Kiosks

What is Exhibition Kiosk

An Exhibition Kiosk is an innovative device running with emerging technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Blockchain Technology. It is mainly used to display your brand to the audience in an interactive manner, with variable screen sizes according to its utility.

Predominantly, Exhibition Kiosks are customized in a way that it fits your requirements.

Wonder how does an Exhibition Kiosk look? Snatch a glimpse on this kiosk of NCR.


Image courtesy: If World Design Guide

It is a simple kiosk just featuring a brand name. Then what’s so special about it? It fetches the attention of the visitor from a distance.


Image Source: IOResource.com

It is another NCR touch screen self-service kiosk that serves the user with the facility of exploring the things of his/her choice.

Take into consideration the following points while installing a kiosk in your Stall Design:

  • Hire an Expert

To design anything is an exacting job. Nobody can be such an omnipotent that carries out all the functions needed to design an artistic Exhibition stall.  So, put to work your resources and recruit a professional Exhibition Stall Design Expert to help you achieve more mass.

Select a specialist who performs the duty from pre-installation to dismantle and assists you in consonance with your specifications.

  • Right Location

Placing a kiosk at the right location is a crucial task that can stay out of the focus. If it happens, then all your time & money invested will be ruined. So make sure to consider this small but significant operation.

Have a look at Alexa’s well-organized Exhibition Kiosk in its booth.


Photo courtesy: Exhibition World

  • Relevant Type & Size

Do you require a Self-service Kiosk to enhance consumer experience? Or you require an Information Kiosk to educate the audience? Ask yourself and select the most relevant type. Plus, opt for the most suitable screen size also as the too small or too big kiosk is not going to work.

How a Kiosk Serves

An Exhibition Kiosk furnishes the following facilities at your Stall Design:

  • Touch screen facility
  • Interactive registrations
  • Receipt printer
  • LAN or WiFi network
  • Navigational guidance
  • Security features
  • Software installation
  • Sign up facility for new subscribers
  • Self-exploring the products/services

See how Mac Donalds self-ordering kiosk will give you thrilling participation.


Image Source: Bloomberg

How an Exhibition Kiosk Benefits

1.Brand Acknowledgement

A large group of visitors will feel mesmerizing to see something really attractive. They will keep their eyeballs on your brand name evincing on your kiosk and will remember & recall it in the future.

2.Customer Involvement

What if the visitors set their feet on your booth’s floor but move on just after taking a glance? A kiosk, here, will help in inspiring them not only to move closer to your stall but also to stay for a longer period of time. In addition to that, they will be more engaged with you.

3.Getting Information

Asking for visitors’ information like name & email address manually is outmoded practice. Asking them to enter their details in a touch screen kiosk will help them have an exhilarating experience & increase the chances of getting more email addresses for you to send your newsletters.

4.Competitive Advantage

Having something uncommon and exclusive on your booth will definitely help you win the game in the cut-throat competition. It helps the visitors eliminate the alternatives at a trade show, a place with plenty of options available.

5.Expanded Sales

The ultimate objective to run any marketing exercise is to achieve a hike in sales. Investing in engaging Exhibition Kiosks will, in the end, make a rise in your sales and profit figures.

Innovations are the keys to unlock new opportunities. Exhibition Kiosk is a symbol of innovation. So, install one at your exhibition booth & let it be your representative.

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