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A-Z Guide: How to Design Effective corporate presentation

Top 10 Ways to Design Effective Corporate Presentations

An excellent corporate presentation is the best way to showcase yourself as an expert. It gives a company the chance to show the value that it can provide to its customers.

How can you design an effective corporate presentation? The techniques listed below will help you.

1. Use persuasive language in the presentation

Imagine that you’re seeing a presentation of a digital marketing agency.

You keep reading facts about the agency’s services. You’ve read the same services being provided by the other agencies.

The agency gives you no reason to pick it instead of the other agencies.

The goal of a presentation is to convert a lead to a customer. Keeping this in mind, the language of a presentation must be persuasive. “We helped boost a client’s sales by 50%” is one example.

2. Use images to support the text

Making a corporate presentation without images will make it hard to engage with the audience.

Use images relevant to the presentation. For example, Moz has created the presentation below. The company has used graphics and arrows. This makes it easy for the audience to understand the data.

Image Source: Slide Share

3. Use statistics to support your point

Writing about statistics that support the need for a product or a service is crucial. For instance, a content marketing agency can use statistics related to its efficiency in the process of lead generation.

A good practice to use is including data from the past five years.

4. Use the same presentation design across your slides

Imagine seeing a presentation with a white background in one slide and a multicolor background in the next.

The impression that one will get from an inconsistent design is a lack of organizational skills.

Choose a background color that fits well with the color of the text. The colors must not be too bright. A white background and a black text is one combination.

Choose a font that is easy to read. Arial and Times New Roman are examples of appropriate fonts. On the other hand, a font like Curlz MT might be hard to read.

5. Do not read from the slides

Some presenters read text directly from the slides. This can become monotonous. A presentation’s primary purpose is to support a speaker. It should not eradicate the need for a speaker.

You should only include the fundamental points in the presentation. This will make the slides more appealing to look at.

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6. Avoid using animations

Have you seen a presentation where there were too many animations? Did you focus more on the animation than the text?

You should avoid using animations in a presentation until necessary.

7. Ask questions in your presentation

Communication is a two-way street. If you see someone give a presentation, you realize that asking questions helps in keeping people interested. The audience wants to feel like a part of the topic being discussed.

Ask the relevant questions in your presentation. Questions give people a chance to voice their opinions and provide feedback. They can know more about your company and its values.

For instance, this is one slide from Google’s presentation. The presentation states that adapting to changes at a slow pace doesn’t work out well. It asks, “What does work?”


Image Source: SlideShare

8. Make sure that your presentation has a proper flow

You can use the Slide Sorter view of your PowerPoint Presentation to check whether the slides are in the correct order. If some slides make little sense when put one after the other, change their arrangement. There must be a clear beginning, middle, and ending in your presentation.

9. Incorporate storytelling techniques in your presentation

Imagine listening to someone give a presentation. He/she says, “John wants to live a luxurious life. John can’t find a house that meets his requirements. In this case, (our company name) can help John. If we can help John, we can help you too!”

You will become more interested in listening to what the company does if you listen to John’s story.

Using character personas helps in giving a realistic view of what a brand does. A company can show what it does by using storytelling. By stating facts and figures alone, it is telling you what it does.

10. End the presentation with a call-to-action

Going through a presentation and seeing it end abruptly is like watching a sports tournament whose results are never announced.

The presentation must have an end goal. You need to justify the time and the cost required to make it. For example, it must redirect the user to either know more about the company or make a purchase. Accenture mentions its website’s URL in its presentation.


Image Source: Slide Share

I’m sure that you know how to design an effective corporate presentation after reading this article. Stun your audience and make them eager to know what you have to offer in your next corporate presentation.

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