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How to engage audience | Video & podcast script writing (2022)

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How to engage audience | Video & podcast script writing (2022)

The Top 5 Ways to interact the Audience by Writing Scripts and Podcasts
Have you ever listened to a stimulating video advertisement or an interesting podcast?

Are you wondering the way to write an enticing video script or a podcast almost like your favorite one?

1. Confirm you’ve got a goal in mind
A brand launches a replacement hazelnut-flavored coffee. The video starts by talking about the opposite coffee flavors of the brand or the company’s history. By the time the video talks about the new coffee flavors, people have already lost interest in it. It distracts the audience from the video’s prime purpose: to spread awareness about hazelnut coffee.

A video or a podcast must not sway far away from the goal that it wants to realize.

The video below features a specific goal in mind. It wants to show its customers how they will brew an ideal cup of coffee. it’s a brief video that shows the steps realistically.

2. Build interest
Write the script in a way that generates interest within the customer’s mind.

A video must have brilliant graphics and music to interact with people. Similarly, a podcast should have an introduction that hooks the listener. a component of surprise and using short sentences makes it easier for the listeners to relate to the speaker.

WWF’s brand campaign builds interest within the minds of individuals through its video. The video shows how humans are locked inside their houses during the coronavirus pandemic. It shows how animals are free and roaming around on the streets. The video asks for a world during which humans and animals can sleep in co-existence with one another.

3. Confirm that the video or podcast script is of a selected time-fram
Every social media platform only supports videos of a specific time frame. For instance, Instagram supports videos of a maximum length of 1 minute and Facebook supports videos of a maximum length of 240 minutes.

How are you able to trim a video or a podcast to satisfy a selected time frame?
You can remove any repetitive content. Remove any unnecessary words that don’t add value to the audience.

A listener doesn’t want to concentrate on an uneventful podcast or view a video that he/she seems like skipping.

4. Keep the main target on the audience and not on yourself
A common mistake that folks make is writing a video script or a podcast script is total that specialize in themselves. for instance, you hear a brand video during which the narrator talks about themselves. A brand might say, “We’re a top-rated company with many purchasers. We’ve been serving customers for over 15 years.”

Talking about the brand’s achievements during a video is great. It convinces the purchasers that they lecture an expert in their niche. Similarly, introducing yourself during a motivational podcast is vital, as people want to understand who they’re taking note of. However, your listeners aren’t willing to concentrate on the whole history of a brand. They don’t want to understand the childhood life of a narrator.

Tell the listener what value you’ll provide to him/her. Your audience features a limited span and you would like to specialize in their needs/wants.

Have a glance at the video below. It focuses on what DocuSign can do for the purchasers within the digital era.

5. Confirm that the ending isn’t abrupt.
Imagine that you’re watching a movie. Everything has been perfect thus far. Everything within the movie is good- whether it’s the characters, the movie plot, or the music. it’s nicely planned and executed. You can’t wait to ascertain what is going to happen after the interval.

You await an exciting plot twist. You’re sure that it’ll be something which will leave you amazed.

Somewhere within the last thirty minutes of the movie, the plot stops making sense. then comes the ending. You don’t know it.

Now, you think that that purchasing a movie ticket wasn’t an exquisite idea.
Trust me, you don’t want to feel your viewers feel an equivalent way after they’ve watched your video. You don’t want them to desire a podcast ended abruptly or that a video’s incomplete.

How are you able to confirm that an ending is not abrupt? Let’s use an example.
If you’ve made a brand video, slowly move towards the call to action. Your call-to-action could also be within the sort of the URL of your company’s website. don’t mention the URL directly. a true estate company might say, “If you’re able to live an expensive life, log in to our website.”
Now that you simply the skills to write down a script for a podcast or a video, it’s time to use these practices.

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