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How to Write an sales Pitch that Works


Sales Pitch : Art of Selling!

Phone is ringing, ‘very good morning Sir, I am calling from XYZ bank, we have a new offer on our platinum credit cards’, from the other end a person is screaming with irritation and phone hanging with bang! salesperson Well, this conversation is a traditional ‘Sales Pitch’ and of course a routine of any other sales person on the field around us. It is a slice of life from the routine of all of us. It is not from some movies or Web Series!

There is a famous saying about salesman; one is having curiosity of Cat, firmness of Dog, friendship of a Child, patience of a loyal wife, excitement of a Spielberg’s fan, surety of placement like Harvard, sense of humour of George Bernard Shaw, simplicity of a pigeon and enormous energy of a recovery agent!!

So, the question is what, where, when, why and how Sales Pitch should be written, executed and followed up to garner desired results…Let’s understand What is Sales Pitch, and How Sales Pitch to be written…

What is the Sales Pitch?

Sales pitches are also called “elevator pitches” where you are trying to generate an interest in the person in front of you to the best possible extent as per your caliber and talent of convincing. Ideally you should be able to narrate your sales pitch in the time it takes you to ride an elevator with your prospective client — a maximum of 1-2 minutes.

Gone are the days when Sales people were having hour’s long time to give prospects and presentations to sell products or services. Nobody is having the kind of time and patience to hear you and your sales pitch. To be honest, if you are relying on your longish value proposition, you’re missing your right path a big time.

Sales Pitch Examples:

A. Cold Calling: By Far, Cold Calling is a ridiculously over confident method, and obviously olden days’ tried and tasted way of sales pitch. Selling products or services over the phone is one of the most age-old and popular forms of pitching, but don’t let yourself become a fool that it’ pitching. You work out some databases of your potential customers and you call them one by one, you are ‘Novice’ or ‘Expert’ of Excel sheets and you are writing remarks against each! Oh boy, a Management Trainee to a typical salesman, everyone is just well versed with their hands out on Cold Calling. From selling Postpaid Data Plans to Europe Trip, Insurance Policy or a Credit Card or a 4BHK bungalow! Cold Calling is all about targeting directly. If you are well at understanding the tone, mentality and need of the customer, you will be a successful one!

B. Email Sales Pitch: Content writing at it’s best and your half job is done. We all are exposed to marketing emails on a daily basis. It is the play between the ‘Right’ and ‘Junk’. Good database, accuracy of email IDs, right set of words, and best appeal with crisp words would make best Email Sales Pitch. In today’s digital times, tools like mail chimp, Drip etc. would make the entire exercise more worthwhile and meaningful. Analytics makes it more clear and result driven. Sales Pitch at it’s best when emails are not bounced, words are right, and visually attractive as well. Otherwise, who has that time to go through your email among a sea of emails!

C. Presentation: From an average MBA to an expert salesperson, presentation is by far the best way of putting your points. Sales Pitch has the vehicle of PowerPoint, where a person is explaining with his or her full calibre, with prior appointment and time of client. He/She has the point to prove. Support for slides make it more lucid, easy and digestive. Rest the show is up to the presenter! People love stories, and not mere analytics.

D. Elevator: You have just 2 minutes to sell your product, sell yourself, prove your point! Elevator Sales Pitch is a limited time sales pitch. You need to be very quick, attractive, self motivated and to the point while making your point. In India, like minded business groups and forums like BNI meet each other and do networking. They have the same model of Elevator Sales Pitch only. They present themselves in two minutes of time and sell their products/companies in the best possible way. What we like most about sales pitch examples is the tonality of voice. No jargon, no rosy words, just plain English. That’s key to perfecting your elevator pitch: not over-selling your product or sounding like the stereotypical cheesy salesperson.

E. Follow Up: Follow up is the best and proven Sales Pitch way of doing. Follow up is the key to sell anything and everything. Once you approach anyone / any company, you tend to meet them again to understand them in a better way. You have another chance to showcase your product or service line and understand their requirements in a more detailed manner. Follow up is good, your client remembers you, you develop a relationship with them. Develop it to a top priority to follow up with perspectives. Whether you met them at an event, over the phone, or an email, you could get a launch pad on your competition—just by being more vigilant, aggressive and a go getter!

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Sales pitch should not be ambiguous, over selling, too longish, too personal or superfluous. It should be crisp, visually attractive, supported with concrete statistics, well researched. Do not underestimate your perspectives. They know you or not, but they know very well, what they want! You tend to find the perfect edge of their requirement, solving their problem rather than trying to sell yourself, if it is written then it should be grammatically correct. Sharing insights and well researched Sales Pitch has always a fairer chance of winning the business. There is a famous saying, listen to them to understand, not to reply. Last but not the least, you need to be a visionary sales expert. Follow ups and changes in your sales pitch should be there, and you need to be well prepared in advance to modify as and when needed.

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