• November 29, 2020

How to write powerful video script that engage 2022

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How to write powerful video script that engage 2022

Business videos are a short and catchy visual representation of the product, service, or brand designed for marketing and promotion. Business videos can be very effective as they can be shown and shared across various social and business platforms and reach a wider audience. It is a huge and effective opportunity if done right.

Things to consider while writing a business video script

1) Length

The length of a business video depends on three things: your message, target platforms, and target audience. If you have a complex message to show then the length will increase. Many of the target platforms are built around how much time a video is played by the average viewer. Limit your length to that. Most important is the target audience. Background, class, literacy, and geographical location will determine not only your content but also the length of its script.

2) Planning

Always keep in the mind the fact that you are writing the script for a video. So, use the perks of that medium as much as possible. It will make it easy as you will not have to describe everything. For example, you can write ‘model walks with product in her hand with a cover song of I can’t help falling in love‘ instead of going into details. You have to put images or visuals together which can give your message effectively to your target audience. Planning makes it easy to accomplish further steps

3) Language

Don’t use purple prose for the video script. Know your audience and use their kind of language. If you are not sure about it then just keep the language simple so it can be understood by everyone. Use the thesaurus to find simple words. Use shorter sentences. Write as it is spoken.

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Video script template

Every business video may require a different kind of script, but there is a general format that everyone can follow and start writing. Here is our template for video script writing:

  • MESSAGE- put your message on the top so you don’t forget it or digress from it.
  • TITLE & TOPIC- put a title and topic which will be the destination for your video
  • OUTLINE- make a short outline of three or four sentences
  • SCENES & DIALOGUES- start writing scenes and dialogue according to the situation you want in the business video. Keep our advice on language in mind.
  • EDITING- before you finalize it you might want to edit it. look for obstacles in the flow. Try speaking the dialogues out loud which will give you a good idea of how it sounds.

Some final words

Always remember that making a video will need hardware (camera, gimbal, etc) and software (like Adobe premiere), technical persons (cameraman or animators), actors (models or voice actors). Always try to consider them all while writing your script for the business video. If the video is going to be shown at a conclave, it might need a higher budget. If you are writing a script for a YouTube video then you might need a lesser budget. Whatever is the constraint, work with them and always put your message at the center.

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