• December 6, 2020

Why Public Relation is important for New Product Release (2022)

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Why Public Relation is important for New Product Release (2022)

Why is public relations important for a new product release? Let’s take a look at why companies are stressing on its importance.

1. A press release boosts the image of the organization


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A press release is a part of public relations.

A press release is a document that the media uses to give a statement on behalf of a particular organization. There are many types of press release like general press release, an expert press release, event press release, or an employee press release. A press release of a new product launch helps the media know about the any new product’s features.

2. Public relations helps companies during a crisis

Imagine that a company uses harmful ingredients in its food products. The damage to the company’s reputation impacts its sales.

Through public relations, the company can talk about how it has changed its food products. The media can convey the message to the public to show that the food is safe for consumption.

3. Public relations is a crucial tool for marketing

Marketing aims to attract more leads and make them interested in how a product can fulfill their requirements. A company selling supplements may launch a new range of supplements for hair growth. A PR agency can then attract its target audience towards the unique selling point of the company. This USP is hair growth in the case of the company selling supplements.

Imagine that a company launches a new car. There is a product launch at a popular shopping complex. The new product launch’s press release can mention how the car is different from earlier models. The information can generate interest in the mind of the target audience.

4. Public relations helps show a company’s ethics and value system

In recent years, corporate sustainability has become a matter of concern for businesses. Companies are working on activities like community upliftment and are associating with non-governmental organizations. They are working on improving the standards of living of people living in the country.

Imagine that you read about a company that distributes clothes to the underprivileged and supports farmers. Wouldn’t this news make you proud that you are the company’s customer?

Public relations is essential to show the company’s corporate sustainability initiatives. These initiatives demonstrate the value system, morals, and ethics that people associated with a company follow regularly.  

5. Public relations attracts investors


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A company can encourage potential investors to invest in a new start-up through public relations. For instance, an angel investor may want to invest in start-up’s that focus on health and fitness. Companies may contact angel investors and seek their advice.

6. Public relations can help increase employee retention

Imagine that you’re a part of a marketing agency that gets coverage across news channels regularly. Wouldn’t that make you proud to be associated with the company?

The importance of public relations in increasing employee retention is often overlooked. A brilliant company’s accomplishments may encourage the employee to continue staying in the company. It may contribute to a sense of self-satisfaction for the employee.

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7. Public relations can encourage talent to enter your organization

Not only does public relations increase employee retention, but it may also encourage talent to join your organization.

College students are active job seekers. They are always on the hunt for jobs that match their interests. For instance, a car dealer may receive an award for a brand campaign. This news may encourage talented students to apply for a job at the company after their graduation.

The talent that enters the organization will have fresh ideas that can contribute to the business’s growth.

Now, you know the importance of public relations and the types of press releases, you can plan your PR activities. Have you used any of the PR strategies that have been listed above? Let us know in the comments below!

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