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Why Running A Successful SEO Campaign Is Critical For Your Website?

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Why Running A Successful SEO Campaign Is Critical For Your Website?

What is an SEO Campaign?

You cannot sell what is not visible. This phrase holds true when you share the best content online, but your audience cannot find you. In such cases SEO comes to the rescue, by helping improve your Google search rankings and content relevance, it makes your business easily findable.

Several SEO campaigns create your SEO strategy, which aims to maximise your reach and generate organic traffic. More importantly, your website is viewed as reliable.

An SEO campaign spans an extended period, requires patience, and you cannot expect overnight results. It has various facets, like SEO analysis, link building, web audit, on-page optimisation, keyword research, and many more.

We will mainly talk about Google search, as it has a clear dominance over the search engine market at 91.86% 

The essence of a good SEO campaign is keeping the user experience first. It will be wise to hire a professional if you are not well versed in how SEO works.   

What is the need for an SEO campaign?

Small and large businesses today are going online and want to execute well-planned SEO campaigns to benefit the competitive market. These initiatives make them more popular and relevant to user search results.

Organic search dictates how the website is performing. Various search engines’ recognition as a trusted source increases brand engagement and conversions.

Since many options are available to consumers, it becomes imperative to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd. Launching a target-oriented SEO campaign is one way to go as it brings more traffic to your website, which results in more customers and sales.

What are some Actionable SEOs?

The SEO process is becoming more complex daily, so the various rules are divided into multiple types. It is a breakdown of the complicated process. Here we have listed 4 of the many kinds of SEOs-

On-page SEO

Also known as on-site SEO, it helps optimise your website’s content. It requires in-depth research on keywords that have high relevance and appears more in searches while ensuring that you choose keywords with a competitive edge.

It is integral to ensure that your site data is also relevant, so that your website ranks higher. When you incorporate on-page SEO, search engines better understand your website’s content.

Below is the performance of a Granth client (let’s call the client ABC Systems) after implementing On-page SEO

On Page SEO Results

Off-page SEO

This includes every action you take for your content but not on your website. Also called off-site SEO, it helps in enhancing consumers’ trust in your brand and ensuring increased visitors to your site.

The primary focus is link building, which means having other reputable sites backlink to your website. You should ensure that these reputable websites are connected with your brand offering and do not pay to do so because such actions are against Google E-A-T guidelines.

Journalists often require industry insights and link your website in their articles. Harness such opportunities to your advantage.

In the below screenshot of ABC System’s website performance, you can see the impact of a good Off-page SEO.

Off Page SEO Results

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is constantly evolving because search engine algorithms are becoming more complex. You can take initiatives like faster website speed, as load time is now a ranking factor.

You can even make your website mobile-friendly since mobiles are widely used and quick to access sites. Any traffic coming from a mobile device should also get a seamless experience.

Technical SEO makes all the difference, as can be seen in the screengrab below-

Technical SEO Results

Local SEO

Through local SEO, you focus on a smaller demographic and zoom in your focus on local customers rather than on the national level.

The idea is for the customers in the vicinity to find you quickly. Customers want to get the required information quickly, without many clicks.

Take advantage of social listening, optimisation of local profiles, create a My Business Account on Google, and so on.

Easy Steps to start SEO campaign

  1. Define your goals and then track them. Your goals can be increasing organic searches or organic homepage sessions and the likes. You can use tools like Google Analytics to track if visitors enjoy your content, how much time they spend on your website, their clicks, and engagement levels.
  2. Study your website design to ensure it is user-friendly and based on a modern platform before the optimisation stage begins. Otherwise, an SEO campaign will have little effect.
  3. Research keywords according to what the target audience is looking for, and remove the keywords that are irrelevant or duplicate.
  4. Since content can make or break your business, performing a longtail keyword search for your content strategy is imperative. These will be used for pillar content pieces or to write blog titles on your website.
  5. Work on Local SEO and backlinks to attract visitors. Keep a check on backlinks to ensure that they are relevant.

What are the benefits of managing a successful SEO campaign?

A successful SEO campaign will lead to long-term business growth since you will engage more users interested in your brand offering. These users will buy your products and services. Their actions on your website will give you quantifiable results enabling you to improve your SEO strategy. It will also lead to a better ranking in local searches. You will be able to reach your local audience and beyond, thereby giving you a competitive advantage. The benefits are endless.

The above screenshots bear testimony to the focused and effective SEO services that Granth offers. If you’re looking for holistic SEO strategies to help scale your business, invest in availing SEO services of our brilliant team at Granth.


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