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India’s first cola: Gluco Cola


Parle was at its peak in the 40s. It was at a height that there was a whole building in Mumbai just for gluco. At the time parle marketed Gluco quite aggressively.

In 1949, the Parle decided to jump into the cola business. They decided to use their famous Gluco’s name and launched their Gluco-cola. Parle marketed Gluco cola as a health drink. A young boy who was interested in cartoons and caricatures designed Parle’s marketing campaign for gluco cola. That young boy was none other than R.K.Laxman himself.

That brand had all the potential to be successful in the market but just weeks after the launch they had to face a giant problem named ‘Coca-Cola’. At the time coca-cola wasn’t selling its products in India but they already registered their trademark. Thus when they came to know about parle’s gluco cola, they raised their legal issues. According to them, parle’s gluco-cola sounds like coca-cola, and because of that people may mistake it for coca-cola, and eventually, their brand would suffer. 

On the other hand, parle had no such intentions. Alas, after fighting for 2 years, parle accepted their defeat in 1951 and recalled their ‘gluco-cola’ from the market. 

Parle wasn’t one to accept defeat in such a way. In 1952, parle launched an orange-flavored cola named ‘Gold-Spot’. The gold spot became successful. It tasted sweet when it was a bit chilled and it was famous in children.

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