• December 18, 2020

Instagram Marketing: 10 Creative Ways to reach right customers

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Instagram Marketing: 10 Creative Ways to reach right customers


If you’re among one of Instagram’s one Billion monthly active global users, you’ll skills powerful the social network is as a marketing platform. It’s a key place to market your products, connect with your customers, and reach new people within your target market. Everyone else is doing it, but the question is: can your business find success? And how?

1. Create Engagement with Contests

Upload photos to Instagram with a branded hashtag of your choice, and these photos automatically appear during a gallery on your contest page where people can vote on photos and see photos from other entrants.

Enabling voting on your contest page allows you to gather email addresses, which is vital when it involves building your email list and generating sales through email marketing. this is often far and away from my favorite Instagram marketing tip – it’s something you would like to undertake if you haven’t already.

2. Run Instagram Ads to a landing page or product page

One of the foremost straightforward ways you’ll drive sales for your business through Instagram is by creating ads for your products that link to your eCommerce store or website. Ads are unique on Instagram because they permit you to feature a CTA and click-through link, which isn’t possible on the other sort of Instagram posts.

3. Post discounts & coupons

Instagram is comparatively a passive platform. What I mean by this is often that folks browse their feeds without much intent – they typically roll in the hay to stay abreast of the newest with their connections or idly roll in the hay to pass the time. If you would like to drive sales through Instagram, you want to engage followers with content that turns them into active viewers, instead of passive scrolls.

4. Explore different content types

Though this isn’t inherently a marketing strategy, it’s an honest idea to stay up with the various sorts of content Instagram lets businesses post. think about using video for the days when a photograph just won’t do or using Instagram’s Carousel feature to inform a story or highlight a product in multiple photos. Utilizing different content forms allows you to maximize your reach on the platform – it can often be more interesting for a lover to ascertain a video on their feed amongst many other photos.

5. Share customer experiences, stories, and reviews

It’s one thing for you to inform your followers that your products are awesome which they ought to buy them… it’s a different thing when somebody they will relate to sings your products’ praises. If you collect testimonials, reviews, or are sent stories about your product, share them on Instagram!

6 Engage with followers on Instagram Live

Your Live broadcast can take a couple of different formats – a couple of that employment well are Q&As, product launches, and influencer takeovers. regardless of the case could also be, to confirm to announce your broadcast well beforehand (on your Story, on other social platforms, and during a post) to offer your broadcast the simplest possible shot at performing well.

7. Use local or product-related hashtags

Hashtags play a serious part in your pursuit of Instagram success. Though they’re not amazing for directly reaching your target market – I’d venture that users rarely flick through specific hashtags unless they are a business or influencer – using the proper hashtags can help by boosting engagement on your posts, making them more likely to point out up higher on your followers’ feeds or potential customers’ Explore feeds.

8. Answer comments

You might think it’s a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised! If your posts get hundreds or thousands of comments, this strategy a little er amount” is a smaller amount feasible – except for a small business looking to grow its following and obtain more customers, responding to each (real) comment you get is an awesome thanks to building personal relationships with both potential and existing customers. Whether it’s an easy “glad you wish it!” or “hope to ascertain you around sometime soon”, comments make your brand feel more personal and connect you more strongly together with your audience – which may mean all the difference when it involves making a purchase.

9. Cross Promotion

As a marketer, one of the best trends of social media is the way it’s drastically increased the number of collaborations between brands, making for a few of the foremost compelling marketing creative I’ve ever seen. Though you would possibly not necessarily be bent to change the marketing game, consider partnering with other brands whose products complement your own to run joint marketing campaigns.

10. Partner with an influencer

Though it seems to possess died down a touch  lately (compared to its heyday), Instagram influencer marketing still runs rampant on the platform. If you would like easy – albeit, probably not cheap – access to your target market, consider reaching bent an influential Instagram figure within your industry and ask them to make a sponsored post that highlights your business or product and directs their followers to your website or store. Or, consider running a giveaway with them!

Stand out from the gang

Following the following pointers above will assist you in repose on one of the foremost powerful marketing tools out there today. Instagram is the ideal platform for innovation, creativity, inspiration, and authenticity.

Generate the brand value it deserves

As you can see, media is a powerful branding and marketing tool that should not be ignored. You can improve customer engagement and create effective online presence through social media. Connect with us on Brand Bucket to find your social media marketing solutions in details.

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