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JCB (1945 – 2020)


23rd October 1945. After serving in the Royal Air Force, Joseph Cyril Bamford rented a small 12* 15-foot garage in Staffordshire. He purchased second-hand welding set for two and a half euros and built a tipping trailer from some of the war-torn spare parts. He covered the outside of the container with steel, and the vehicle was ready. The same day his son Anthony (Lord Bamford) was born. On that day, he sold that vehicle to the nearest market for 45 euros.

After that, in around three years, six men started working in the company. The company built a hydraulic tipping trailer, which was first produced in Europe—known as the ‘Major Loader.’ Then, the whole team shifted to a cheese factory in Rocester. This site was selected as JCB’s headquarters, and space was only about an acre. Probably, the company wouldn’t even have realized at that time that it will become ‘JCB World HQ,’ and the area will be up to 175 acres.

About a year later, they started painting each of their trailers with a yellow color, and JCB’s first logo came into existence.

In 1960, Mr. JCB, i.e., Joseph Bamford, did various stunts for the name of the company in which he started doing an exciting thing – ‘JCB Dancing Diggers.’ In this show, two JCB hydraulic arms form a bridge, and underneath it, a shiny car of Cadillac passes. These stunts showcased JCB’s power, performance, and variety.

JCB got a lot of fame worldwide in 1969. They received the Queen’s Award, and to date, they have received about 30 Queen’s Awards. The company then started making telescope handlers. In 1980, the company made the essential machine in the history of JCB, which is known as the JCB 3CX Backhoe. It became so popular that nearly one lakh JCBs were in the production line in the year of launch. Subsequently, JCB launched the world’s fastest tractor.

Then JCB set the record after record – one after other new machines and heavy machinery. They received the most significant order worth 142 million dollars from the US Army to make telescopic handlers. Today, there are 7,000 employees associated with JCB, and the company manufactures about 280 different machines.

Some unknown information of JCB:

– ‘JCB’ word has been included in the Oxford Dictionary.
– The JCB logo was first introduced on the Backhoe Loader, which we call the JCB machine even today.
– In 1958 – JCB bought ten scooters whose number plate was from JCB1 to JCB10. Then JCB purchased the same series for the company car.
– To date, JCB has manufactured and sold over 15 lakh JCB machines (used for excavation).

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