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Lijjatful Journey of 80 rs. to 80 crore


52 years ago, few housewives met and decided to earn some money in their free time. They didn’t have any specialties other than cooking food and common household work. After considering all of the options, they decided to earn by making papad and thus started the unique journey of ‘Shri Mahila Gruh Udyog Lijjat Papad’!

15 March 1959 is a special day for lijjat papad because on the very day those ladies started their business with 80rs. loan. Chhaganlal Parekh was a social worker and he lent this 80rs. to those ladies. The first day they made four packets of papad on their terrace and sold them to a known shop owner in Bhuleshwar market, Mumbai. Soon after other ladies joined them. Their total sale was only 6196rs. in the first year. They had to stop working during the four months of monsoon because of rain. Next year they resolved this problem with the help of a stove and a bed. They just laid all the papad on the bed and started the stove beneath them. 

Slowly others joined them and just after three years, there were 300 females working in it. They all were given readymade raw material and all they need to do is make papad in their home. In 1962, they named their organization ‘Lijjat’, which means tasteful.

Lijjat papad’s taste is their USP and to maintain it, the Mumbai branch buys all of the raw material and then sends it to other branches. Lijjat’s motive is to provide employment to housewives. Today Lijjat is also making khakhra, masala, detergent, etc. by brand extension. More than 45,000 females are working in their 70 branches all over the country. Over the years, Lijjat became the symbol of women’s empowerment in India. A company that started on the terrace today reached Hong Kong, Singapore, America, England, and other countries. 

They never thought of creating a brand this big, their vision was simple, to provide employment to women by giving them the opportunity to utilize their free time. Today, they are one of the top companies in the segment.

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