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Lux: khoobsoorti se dar kaisa?

Did you know that lux was a cloth washing soap?



When lux was launched in 1899 in England, it was a perfect example of sunlight soap. At the time, lux used to increase the beauty of clothes instead of the face. When lux reached the USA in 1916, brand advertisement emphasized that lux must be used to wash expensive and woolen clothes. Liver brothers claimed that washing clothes with lux won’t turn them yellow, because unlike other soaps lux didn’t have lime as its raw ingredient which was the reason for clothes turning yellow. In 1925, lux shifted its focus to toilet soaps. Lux toilet soap launched in 1925 in America, 1928 in England, and 1929 in India. 

Lux means ‘Light’ in Latin, the light of the face. The main reason behind this name was that its short form of the word ‘Luxury’. Lux is a luxury of beautiful women and that too at a cheaper price. The company wanted to connect beauty with lux, so they appointed film actresses as its brand ambassadors from the very beginning. From Marilyn Monroe to Madhuri Dixit, every famous heroine has been brand ambassadors for Lux. 

Upon setting their foot in India in 1929, Lux made Leela Chitnid their brand ambassador. She was the first Lux girl. They advertised with, ‘Tell us Leela chitnis, what is your body secret?’. After that, every famous heroin became a lux brand ambassador. Mallika Sarabhai of Gujarat, Bollywood’s super mom Nirupa Roy, Epitome of beauty Zennat, Vidya Sinha, Parveen Babi, Helen, and many others actresses endorsed Lux. Shahrukh khan was the first Bollywood actor to appear in a lux advertisement. 

Lux had only one strategy from the start, making film actresses their brand ambassador. Precisely why Lux is famous in every small town to megacities. Although the company is trying to change this scenario because they think that in modern times people won’t believe that just because of Lux all the film stars look so beautiful.  

Lux marketed their products in many ways. In the 1930s and 1940s, they hosted popular radio programs and television shows. Thus, the word Soap opera became famous. Soap opera means Radio or TV shows sponsored by the soap company. In the 1990s, Lux did the brand extension and launched a face wash, shower gel, shampoo, and other products. Regardless of Lux’s product, their motto remains the same: to emphasize beauty.

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